Great Gatsby!…Tiffany launches the new Ziegfeld jewelry collection !

Great Gatsby! … Tiffany launches the new Ziegfeld jewelry collection !

The new Zieglefd Collection is based on Tiffany archieval jewellery designs from the 1920s.
The Great Gatsby collection, inspired by Baz Luhrmann‘s film i collaboration with oscar winning costume designer Catherine Martin.
Named for New Yorks legendary Ziegfeld Theatre, a model of Art Deco architecture that opened in 1927, the jewellery captures the periods cool elegance with freshwater cultured pears, black onyx and sterling silver.
The collection celebrates Tiffany as the premier jeweller of the 1920’s, an era that saw a dramatic change in fashion and the rise of a fresh, exuberant attitude.
Ropes of luxurious pearls were a signature of 1920’s fashion. Tiffany emulates it with an elongated tassel necklace and drop earrings of luminous pears that move with the ease of a white satin gown. A sterling silver pendent features a daily motif, centred with cushion-cut black onyx, and is suspended from a chain accented with black onyx beads and pears.
The collection’s accessories for men have a tuxedo tailored quality. Oval cuff links of black enamel and a signet ring of black onyx with a stepped mounting of sterling silver gleam with sophistication. In addition, Tiffany creates a heart shaped locket of sterling silver embellished with a daisy, a romantic symbol of the period.


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