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Lien Dilewijns moved to canada 11 years ago from belgium to 100 mile house. After attending university in kamloops she decided to move to Vancouver.
“I always knew I wanted to move to vancouver, it was just a matter of when”

Once in Vancouver and already knowing a lot of people in the fashion industry, including designers, photographers, makeup artists,… she decided to expand in this industry and transition from modelling into makeup artistry. Lien attended Vancouver Community College in 2011 and is currently a full time freelance makeup artist.

Lien got a hired right out of school to work as a demo artist for Estee Lauder which she still works for to this day.
“It great because I get to do makeup on every day people which is a nice change from doing makeup on models”
She has also had the opportunity to work with some great photographers such as Brendon Hart, Matthew Burditt and Jared Bautists.
Lien also has published work in Dark Beauty magazine, Sanmar Catalogue and Vogue Italia.

“Having my work published on vogue italia.com was a huge stepping stone in my career and can’t wait to continue to have my work published”


What are your plans for the future?

“I will be moving to Australia in October and then traveling around europe in order to expand my makeup portfolio and to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible. My plan is to have majority of my work published all over the world. Once I am back in Canada I am hoping to relocate to Miami or New York to bring my career to the next level”

What type of makeup work do you enjoy the most?

‘I love doing editorials because it gives me the freedom to go wild with makeup. Secondly, weddings. Its amazing to be part of someones special day and make them feel as beautiful as they can be. In the end I do love every aspect of the industry because I wake up every day doing what I love to do, which makes it not even feel like work.”


Do you have any advice for new makeup artist that are starting out?

“Never give up. You have to understand there are alot of makeup artist in vancouver and you have to be able to push trough to set yourself apart from the others. The first year is always the hardest and alot of people give up before that. Secondly, be professional, always on time, and organized. It is not because we are considered ‘artists’ that this means we can be a scatterbrain.
Oh and always use new mascara wands. Its a huge pet peeve of mine when makeup artist use the brush that comes with the mascara, we don’t want to go around spreading eye infections’

Photo by: Hourash Falati – www.cydexia.com
You can follow lien in twitter, check out her page, and view her on youtube.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Makeupbylien
website: http://makeupbylien.tumblr.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lienmodelling/

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