Would you like a bag for that?

You know that deliciously satisfying feeling, when you’re walking out of a store, arms full of bags simply packed with the day’s purchases? Red lines engrave themselves into the creases of your elbows and the tingle in your fingers reminds you to readjust the sweet deals hanging from your limbs as you fumble for the house key. The scars of a successful hunt.

You finally get in the front door and lay out the finds on your bed as you decide what tomorrow’s outfit will be. And those bags? All the patterned pink plastics and printed papers might find themselves in the trash.

Many retailers are encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags by charging a small fee for the plastic or paper. Others are taking steps to ensure reusability by creating sturdy fabric bags, perfect for tomorrow’s work-out, or bag-lunch. Sometimes, however, these reusable bags are covered with big, bold branding that will never match your cute red flats. The solution? A boho bag.

These trendy, yet classic, sacs provide space for the day’s adventures. Try the American Apparel Side Pocket Bag. Canvas and lightweight, its ready for early morning meditation at your local yoga studio, followed by a long day hitting the books, and a night on the town. Casual and practical, this boho bag has a side pocket, where I slip in everything I need handy like my Ipod, bus pass and cell. These pretty pastel colours and neutral tones can always be kept nice and clean because their completely washable.

You’ll never need ##Q##a bag for that##Q## again!

Posted by Noel Bentley

Creator of Assignment Fashion.

6 thoughts on “Would you like a bag for that?

  1. Thanks Sasha! I never know what to do with all those bags because I always feel so wasteful. I’ve been looking for a boho bag all over the place, and if you say the American Apparel ones are sturdy enough to handle everyday wear-and-tear, then I’m gonna go get one today! Thanks!

  2. Well said Sasha. I definitely know the feeling… An eventful day of shopping to find at the end of the day a blanket of shopping bags on my bed! A boho bag is a must! Thanks Girl!

  3. You, dear blogger, warm my heart. Today, I got a fabric bag from cactus club with my take-out salad. I can foresee it’s usefulness already!

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