What You Just Can’t Do

What You Just Can##Q##t Do

A look more suited for a night out could seem too dressy midday, but paired with simple outerwear the look screams polished rather than party. The contrast of casual and formal is easy to play up with the rights accessories and accentuating touches.


In this outfit, the leather boots in dark neutrals ground the look, keeping it relaxed. The brown cuff detail adds interest, as does the curving edge. Surprising lines stand out, yet this is so subtle one might have to look twice to notice the decorative extra.


The ornamental essence of the patterned lace tights is another interesting element of this look. Although solid tights are an essential staple of any girl’s wardrobe, especially during the colder months, the textured look is exciting. A little girly, a little sultry, because they are black the tights are sophisticated, above anything.


A black, fitted coat is always classy, no matter how you wear it. It suits any body shape, any skin tone. It’s about as adaptable an article of clothing as they come. The addition of plastic buttons in the same tone makes it more casual, yet in no way subtracts from the outfit. A cozy grey sweater peaking through only adds to the contrast of comfort and flair.


Brights are eye-catching. A hint of teal showing through presents us with an idea of how this look could be modified to suit any atmosphere. Layers, the most versatile way to change up a look, are key to dressing up for going out. By simply removing a coat, this style goes easily from day to night.


Who: Laura D.
Age: 17
Where: North Vancouver
Where from: ParisFrance
Why: “I like wearing nice cloths casually.”
– Coat: Rickis – $370
– Boots: FeetFirst – $180
– Skirt: American Apparel – 30$


What You Just Can##Q##t Do


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