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When living in a city where basics and athleisure wear is acceptable, we can’t help but arch one well-defined brow at the women who are dressed in head to toe designer.

From praise, to envious desire, we ponder how amazing she looks in her Christian Louboutin’s while purchasing OJ with pulp. Yes, her feet hurt yet every girl would still love to own a pair. From her Chanel purse and her Stella McCartney pleated skirt to her immaculate Celine frames… Maybe tomorrow you will spot her again, but this time in a pair of Balenciaga smoking slippers. That is her every day style.

Your closet may not be bursting with designer, yet you do have a wide selection of trainers that range in several colours. You don’t need to be an athlete to own such a large amount, we all know how comfortable athleisure wear is. From hikes to neighbourhood jogs, or running errands across the city, you are the one who makes everyone secretly regret grabbing that extra slice of pizza. Living such an active lifestyle that people simply assume you’re a sponsored sports ad.

There is this negative connotation that simplicity is boring, when really it isn’t. Personality and the art of accessorizing is mandatory play when you’re toying with basics. View the solid colours as if it were your blank canvas to paint. The introverts allow their accessories to mysteriously speak for them, whereas extroverts allow their expressive personality to dominate how effortless they appear. There are many ways to allow your basics to not become so basic.

In all honesty, there are three categories of fashion that we all fit comfortably in: designer, athleisure wear, and basics.

The key word is comfortability. What are you comfortable in?

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Written by Melissa Rei