Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2014 Highlights



As we go through another season of Fashion Weeks, this past week was Vancouver’s turn to show the fashion community what it’s made of.

VFW SS2014 - Noe Bernacelli

Whilst a relative baby in terms of the bigger Fashion Weeks, Vancouver’s local talent and visiting designers didn’t let this deter them, and some creative design hit the runway, bringing a hefty dose of couture to our fair city. Whilst there were many notable collections, here are a selection of my personal faves:



Evan Clayton: Vancouver

If there was any designer that had created a stir before the big event
it was our local boy, Evan Clayton, who is never one to shy away from the
theatre of fashion. Everyone knew we were in for a treat, and he did not
disappoint! A beautiful collection inspired by the ocean, “Kin” was an
art piece. Marrying chiffons with clear plastics and finishing with trims
such as barnacles and mussel shells, the whole effect was candy for the


VFW SS2014 - Evan ClaytonVFW SS2014 - Evan ClaytonVFW SS2014 - Evan Clayton

Angela Huang: Vancouver

Huang wowed the audience with her clean, contemporary women’s
collection. She managed to create a collection that was sexy, modern and
edgy, yet refined. No small task!

VFW SS2014 - Angela Huang VFW SS2014 - Angela Huang VFW SS2014 - Angela Huang

Taran K Cheema: Canada
Cheema’s collection was thoroughly enjoyable. The splash of colour in her designs
was a welcome contrast to the sea of muted palettes that had hit the runway before her.
Her collection made a strong statement, and realised her vision of wearable art.

VFW SS2014 - Taran K Cheema VFW SS2014 - Taran K Cheema VFW SS2014 - Taran K Cheema

Kamila Gawronska: Poland

I really love the shapes created by Kamila Gawronska in her collection.
She somehow embodied a grown up sense of play. It was fun, yet graceful
and mature. Defined by strong, bold shapes, this beautiful collection will
definitely make me keep an eye on Gawronska and whatever she tackles next.


VFW SS2014 - Kamila GawronskaVFW SS2014 - Kamila GawronskaVFW SS2014 - Kamila Gawronska

Noe Bernacelli: Peru

This was my stand-out for the week. Noe Bernacelli showcased two
collections. He opened with a prêt-à-porter collection, which was made up of
beautifully tailored jackets and pants paired with lace and satin shirts
and skirts. However, the showstopper was the couture line that followed.
The exquisite beading on the sheer dresses made the little girl in me start
making a list to Santa. Don’t just take my word for it; check out some of the
stunning collection below.

VFW SS2014 - Noe Bernacelli VFW SS2014 - Noe Bernacelli VFW SS2014 - Noe Bernacelli

All pictures courtesy of Kuna Photography Group

For all the pictures from the week, head to Kuna’s page here