Vancouver Fashion Week: Off the Runway

Off the Runway

This past weekend I went to my first fashion show at Vancouver Fashion Week. I was able to catch the tail-end of the shows on Sunday evening. Although spring and summer trends were strutting past me on the runway, I was distracted by the styles in the seats next to me.

I’d say there were two main categories of dress at the event. The majority wore cocktail dresses, hair swept back in up-dos, and wrists heavy with sparkle. The girl on my right wore a little black dress with black pumps. She dressed down the outfit with really cute feather earrings. Feathers were kind of last season, but I’m always going to love them! I scoped out a couple cute pairs online that night:


The rest of the crowd looked like they were going to the beach in the winter. This sounds like a weird combination, but it has a down to earth look to it. Warm circle scarves with baggy v-neck tees and boyfriend jeans rolled up to mid-calf sat on my left. I guess I was kind of in the middle: cocktail dress, light scarf and converse… pretty sure that’s committing some kind of fashion faux pas.

Even the guys were super fashionable, like they walked right off the runway during the Carolyn Massey show, minus the half-dead makeup of course. Not going to lie, with all the fashion and eye-candy, I kind of felt like I was in the middle of a gossip girl episode the entire evening!

On the Runway

While I wasn’t being distracted by all the fashion around me, I actually caught a glimpse of what to expect in spring 2011. This is one of my favourite pictures I snapped during the fashion show, we saw tons of strapless, deep-v, and low-backs. Better stock up on the bandeaus!

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