Valentine’s Day: Thinking Outside the Heart-Shaped Box



Finding unique alternatives to the traditional last minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Looking for last minute Valentine’s gift ideas? Not wanting to let your lover know you left it a little too late to get the perfect gift? No worries AF has got some great ideas to help you out!

Don’t think flowers, think trees:

There is no better place to get both your nature and amore on than Free Spirit Spheres, set amongst the tall trees of the West Coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. You can stay in one of three handcrafted spheres, that are suspended like pendants from a web of rope in the rainforest canopy. A weekend away here is bound to not only heal your mind, body and soul, but get you serious Brownie points too!

What could be more romantic than swinging in the tree’s, in your own sphere apartment?


Don’t think spa, think salon:

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love a day at the spa, but sometimes it’s good to shake it up! You can come away feeling equally pampered from a great hair treatment. For me, Black2Blond is THE pampering salon, but don’t be mistaken – their pampering is more than nice-smelling shampoos and a quick head massage. At Black2Blond, La Biosthetique’s Vancouver flagship salon, they get all scientific on you. Hair consultations start with a scalp swab that tests for oiliness and pH. The stylists then use the results to determine which hair treatments will be best for each individual client. This means you get a truly personalized experience, and go away feeling just a tiny bit smarter, even if it is just about your own skin.


State-of-the-art La Biosthetique Salon and Spa at Black2Blond


Don’t think jewelry, think body art:

The problem with buying jewelry is getting it right, which can be tricky, and no-one wants to goof up that romantic gift. So try body art, a gift she can help design herself. 4 Angels Beauty Care is a fantastic spa in downtown Vancouver which boasts an array of traditional Eastern and Asian treatments. Their wonderfully warm staff will have you transported to your heavenly space in a instant. They offer Henna or Mehndi, a temporary form of skin decoration popular in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Their skilled artists can design a beautiful art piece that can be worn for days, and whilst there, you and your partner can always add on a relaxing Indian head massage.

Beautiful Henna body art by the lovely ladies at 4 Angels


The best part is that all of these last minute gifts can be booked online or over the phone! So what’s stopping you?