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Unique finds in Melbourne, Australia

Unique finds in Melbourne, Australia

I am Georgia and I come to you from down under, yes thats correct, the one and only Australia.
While Australia has never really been known as a “fashion icon” country. There are really many interesting and quirky designers within this beautiful country. Many of these quirky shops lay in the small alley ways of Melbourne, finding them is truly a mission unless you know where you are going. There are hundreds of different side streets and alley ways that can be an absolute haven for  local shoppers but a maze for tourists. Fortunately for me as I set out on my quest to find a few of these shops a couple of weeks ago, with my older sister, we had a map on our side. Even better was, we had an address of an actual shop that we both wanted to check out. As we ducked and weaved our way through the streets for around half an hour we came across many different alley ways covered in amazing colored graffiti, some even with musicians playing in them ( not fashion but sets the atmosphere of the area).

Lady Petrova

After a few wrong turns, our map finally turned us in the right direction towards a small boutique called “Lady Petrova” which is located at Shop 3, 237 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The ladies here at Lady Petrova love to dress up and believe in the magic of beautiful things. They wear lace and tulle to breakfast and are never under-dressed!  Here at Lady Petrova they sell a handpicked selection of amazing labels including, Stretsis, Miss Unkon, State of Georgia, Story by Tang, Little Gracie and most importantly, Lady Petrova. The beautiful pieces of clothing that you will find in this boutique are as unique as the people that are putting them on their backs.

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The prices in this boutique range anywhere from 22$ for jewellery and nail polish to 500$ for one of party dresses and super cute playsuits. While some of us might not be able to afford some of the party dresses, we can still snatch up the gorgeous jewellery while its available. When you purchase an item from Lady Petrova you will never bump into anyone wearing your dress! Thats priceless enough for me, not sure about the rest of you though!

I##Q##m not sure if any of you as readers have ever been to Melbourne, but if you have you will notice a few main things about the city – these are the amazing atmosphere, the friendly people and mostly the diverse culture that we have here. It truly makes an amazing city for shopping and unique style!

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