Life update: shamelessly re-downloading the Kylie Jenner Official app, desperately trying to figure out how Pokemon Go works (without much success) and going to the grocery store three nights in a row in my pyjamas to buy Ritter Sport’s chocolate soufflé bar (10/10 would recommend). Things are going really well and I just love life!!!!

But in all seriousness what I’m actually doing is passive aggressively refreshing the home page on my friend Rachel’s new blog because I miss her and am addicted to stalking her posts! You can look at her stuff here:

She made a cute post about Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense. This interested me greatly because I’m currently in a quarter life crisis trying to piece together if Kim K is a trashy genius or a well-groomed doorknob. Rachel’s post gave me some great pointers on the issue and at the moment I’ve concluded that Kim has a great PR team and a perfectionistic plastic surgeon. A deadly combo.

But we’re side-tracking here.

Rachel taught me two super important things (besides the fact that I should persuade my manicurist to paint my nails hot pink “ugly hands always need neutral shade!!” – thanks Susan.

  1. Nude colours are totally cool.
  2. Since nude colours are cool don’t wear anything but nude colours.

So I went to my favourite boutique, One of A Few, and found the most beautiful Kim K esque nude stretchy/tight fitting crew neck tee. And it was on sale by the brand Wood Wood for $80. What a day!

I’m going to list some of my favourite nude products below so you can catch my drift. The key to wearing Nude is to keep the outfit classy, so it doesn’t look like you’re naked from far away (maybe this isn’t a thing but I can totally imagine it happening to me since I’m so pale).


A lot of these things can be bought at One of A Few boutique in Vancouver so I’ll link to their website if I can for all you Vancouver girls.

SIDE NOTE: Please don’t buy the Rachel Comey diver suit in size small though cause that’s mine come Thursday afternoon. Thx.

Also, the links to purchase will be embedded in the title descriptor of each piece – as usual.

1) Rachel Comey Dive Suit – Faces Print

The bathing suit of the century folks. Call me peculiar but this is my current obsession. I hate triangle bikinis – yuck. This is much classier and with a pair of navy cat eye sunglasses – YES!



2) Wood Wood Winslow Shirt – Brown

This is the tee I bought on sale at One of A Few. They have one more left! I purchased the size medium as it fits slim.


3) Oak + Fort Pant FA4 – Beige

I love a good nude pant. Especially paired with a matching top. Full uniform mode. I like the white peep toe heel they styled it with on the website. Very trendy. Also I can’t completely tell from the photo, but it looks like the pants have some heat-set pleats – so Issey Miyake. Love.


4) Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith Sneaker – Tan

I don’t know about you guys but I’m loving Adidas x Raf Simons. The simplistic design of the Stan Smith with a touch of magic from the Raf-mister (can I call him that??) makes for an A plus product. My friend Hannah has these shoes and on the days she wears them to work some super fashionista always notices them and compliments her amazing style.


5) Calvin Klein Light Touch Crew Sock

There’s nothing that ties an outfit together better than a beautiful pair of nude socks. I’ve been super into socks lately. If you’re from Vancouver The Block in Gastown and Umeboshi on Main Street both have an excellent selection of women’s designer socks. A quality sock will last longer and can even make a statement in bold colours and patterns. I usually opt for the classic nude which is in line with the theme here. Calvin Klein rarely disappoints and you can find a huge variety at your local department store such as Nordstrom or The Bay.