Toronto: Style Faux Pas

By: Shawna Simpson – Toronto

Style Faux Pas is a new fashion boutique that open in December 2013 at 155 Church street, just minutes of walking distances away from Eaton Center, Dundas Square and Ryerson University. Owner and fashion stylist Alisha Hanif, a previous Vancouverite and Ryerson grad, brings a new element to Toronto’s booming fashion industry. I had the pleasure to get an interview with Alisha and tour of her new boutique – I must say I instantly fell in love with Style Faux Pas!

Style Faux Pas has some fabulous designers that are all  trendy and very affordable – The boutique carries handpicked unique pieces from such designers as Whitney Eve; Love, Zooey; Label + Thread; and Maurie & Eve. It also features accessories from such Canadian designers as Jessica Jensen and Melanie Auld, along with a  small selection of men’s wear.

SFP brings a luxury experience to the everyday lives of their clients by offering styling, personal shopping, image consulting services, and closet corrections. Style Faux Pas is defiantly more than a traditional boutique and I am very confident that it will not be long before SFP is the go-to-boutique for all Toronto fashionistas.

Interview with Alisha Hanif

Style Faux Pas


Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background in the fashion industry?

A: “I have been in the fashion industry for 5 years and started off by going to Ryerson University for Fashion Communication. After graduating with a bachelor degree, I then branched off and started doing a lot of freelancing from; styling, image consulting, and even assisting on Marlyn Denis.I worked several retail jobs which one of them was at The Bay, where I was a personal shopper for 2 years.”


Style Faux Pas


Q: Who or what inspires your style?

A: ” My biggest inspiration is Coco Chanel because she went through so many struggles in life and was rejected plenty of times in the fashion industry. Her take on being a woman, especially in tough times, was also a major inspiration for me because its not easy being a woman, and it’s definitely not easy being a business woman in the fashion industry. Kate Spade has also been a big inspiration for me. Kate spade; I loveee her femininity – Shes amazing!”


Style Faux Pas


Q: Do you have a favourite Canadian Designer?

A: “My favourite Canadian mens wear designer is Christopher Bates. His garments are absolutely gorgeous – I love him. My favourite female designer is Sarah Stevenson. She’s new and just got picked up by target – I adore everything about her. I remember being in class with her and she just evolved so much. All of her patterns are hand made, she screens them all; it’s her design from head to toe. – and of course, Mackage.”


Style Faux Pas


Q: what is your favorite SS14 trend?

A: “I would say nautical stripes”


Style Faux Pas


Q: What inspired you to start style faux pas?

A: “I think it was working in different retail environments and just observing customer service where personal shopping is rarely offered. I don’t ever get the ‘110% customer service’ when I walk into other boutiques and that is something I have incorporated into my own boutique. It’s not about being pushy, it’s about having fun with clients – it’s kind of like a party.”


Style Faux Pas


Q: what makes STP different then other boutiques that offer personal styling/shopping?

A: “We work with closet correction and we have specific packages – if you go on our website there is a package for every single thing. We offer services for corporate events and seminars. They don’t necessarily even have to shop in our store, we will travel to their house and even go to other stores with them; we want people to take advantage of that. We are very privileged because the brands we carry are very rare in Toronto and we have an amazing show room that supports us 110%.”


Style Faux Pas


Q: What do you love about having your own store?

A: “At the end of the day, coming here and knowing that all the blood sweat and tears went into these walls and being reminded that its mine every single time I come here. Its my products, my logo, my design – it all just came to life.”


Style Faux Pas


Q: what are your ideal future plans for STP:

A: “We actually just launched the online shopping section of our website and are going to be revamping it a little bit more. We will also be selling off Shoplify for Summer 2014. Hopefully, we will focus more on the personal shopping and image consulting aspect of everything when it comes to the store. Also, opening up another location is our goal, but right now we really want to focus on our online presence because a lot of people just dont have the time to come down to the store. I think online shopping is fast and easy – even the website we have now is so easy! Anything $130 and up is free shipping!Even though the online shopping is new, it’s been doing great!”

155 Church Street