Toronto: Achieving Perfect Eyebrows With 3D Treatment

In a booming beauty industry, Toronto based Crista Nicole is taking the beauty world by storm by offering Canadians a unique service called 3D Brows. 3D Brows is a semi permanent treatment that allows you to have those perfect brows that you have always dreamed of. By adding pigment and fine hair strokes to your eyebrows, this treatment will help alter your brows to the correct shape for your face. We sat down with Crista to find out more about this unique practice.




1)Tell me about yourself and your background. What inspired you to get into this business?

“Let me start by telling you I’m obsessed with brows! I’ve shaped brows for my friends and family for as long as I can remember but I actually started out my professional career in HR. My passion as always been brows and beauty –  I quickly realized I needed to make my passion and career one in the same. I put some serious time into researching techniques and training opportunities. I soon came across permanent makeup and I was so fascinated by the individual hair stroke work and how natural the outcome was. I completed my foundation and advanced training here in Toronto. I wanted to be able to offer my clients the best and latest techniques. So I hoped on a plane to the UK where I under went private training with a celebrity permanent makeup artist and completed another master training course with two international master trainers from Moscow. I was also trained by HD Brows in London, an exclusive customized brow shaping treatment which is one of Europe most popular beauty treatments.”


2)How long did you do the training in London for?

“I was in the UK for just over a month.”


3)How much experience do you have in the beauty industry now?

“I have been in the industry for a few years now and I have been so fortunate to train and work with many of the industry’s world leaders. It as been an amazing journey and I look forward to more and more of it. As an artist you always continually learn and evolve to produce the best results.”




4)What kind of services do you offer and what do you specialize in?

“My services are: HD Brows – 7 step brow shaping treatment, 3D Hair Stroke Brows, lash lift, Lip blush and lash enhancements.”


5)Explain to me your orientation process and how you determine the correct brow for your client?

“I begin by conversing with the client about what their brow goals are to make sure we are on the same page. I will then create an exclusive customized brow for each clients individual face. If we are doing the 3D Brow treatment the brow is completely drawn first to create the template so there is no miscommunication or surprises. The client and I will agree on a brow shape and then little individual hair stroke are applied throughout the brows to achieve a natural beautiful set of brows.”


6)Describe the technique you use and what makes it so unique from others?

“Every artist has their own style of work. This is especially true for brows! I have taken all of my knowledge and training throughout my years and created my own exclusive technique and style. I have two techniques for PMU hair stroke brows. One is with my machine and the other is with a manual hand tool. I prefer the hand tool as it creates the most organic looking brow that can be achieved. Clients can’t believe how real it looks and sometimes have a hard time deciphering what is real hair and what has been applied by myself.”




7)What sort of products/tools do you use?

“All of my equipment is state of the art. My machine is the German engineered, Nouveau Contour Digital 1000. My hand tools are from top of the line suppliers, as are my pigments. My last lift product is 100% safe for eyes and lashes – approved  by Health Canada and FDA. I use all HD Brows products from London, UK for that treatment.”


8)What are the price points of your services and do you offer any special packages to your clients?

“Prices range from $50-$800 depending on the service and specialty. Packages are available as well contact me for more information.”


9)What would the healing/upkeep process be like with this treatment?

“Any PMU procedure will take about 1 week to heal. During this time you should not sweat, swim or pick at the area. To ensure the longest lasting result, it is best to protect the area from sun exposure and certain chemicals found in some skin care products. I go over this during the consult and after the treatment with my client so they are well informed on how to properly care for their beautiful new brows, lashes or lips! The treatment will last from 1-3 years, although it is recommend to have a touch up every 1.5-2 years to maintain the best results.”




10)Is this right for people who have a low pain tolerance?

“Although you may feel mild discomfort at points, some clients feel nothing and actually fall asleep while I work on them! I use high end numbing agents throughout the treatment to keep it comfortable.”


11)What are the benefits to 3D Brows?

“3D Brows are just amazing and almost everyone can benefit from them. Who doesn’t want perfect brows all the time? It will save you so much time in the morning as brows always take the longest to perfect when applying makeup. You don’t have to worry about sweating or swimming off your brows anymore either!  Even if you have a good amount of brow but want to fill in sparse areas or just simply define your brow more – this treatment is perfect. Unfortunately someone clients lose their brows due ilness and it is a huge confidence booster to have their brows back and it really changes your appearance.”


12)Where are you located and what is the best way for potential clients to contact you?

“I am located at Good Gosh Beauty just West of College and Ossington. You can reach me at 416-908-9349 or I have lots of portfolio examples via Instagram @Cristanicolebrows, Twitter @Cristanicole, and Facebook – Crista Nicole Brows – Look forward to hearing form you.”



(3D Brows – before and after)


photographer: Jacquelinee Flaggiello