Top 5 Pieces: Poupette St Barth’s

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With the Holidays just around the corner and Vancouver’s dismal Tim Burton-esque weather, it feels somewhat unnatural to be discussing swim and resort wear. Nonetheless, with designers releasing their Spring/Summer and Resort collections, it is clear that the season ahead will be one of vibrant pattern, vivacious colour, unconventional silhouettes, and an overall air of whimsy. So whether one is escaping winter by spending the holidays in Barbados (we are jealous) or is simply seeking summertime wardrobe, nothing warms one up quite as well as perusing through collections of beach and resort apparel.


Nothing embodies the happy-go-lucky spirit of the season more than Poupette & Saint Barth’s newest collections, exotically named Aruba, Samoa, and Eden, Moorea and Belize. Each collection differs in mood and character, and yet remains true to the brand’s relaxed and low-key aesthetic. With rich shades of cobalt and violet accented by starkly contrasted embroidery, Aruba has a fiery Mediterranean vibe that wears in a very elegant, regal way. Alternately, Samoa is characterized by its simple and romantic vibe. Ivory eyelet lace and scalloped hem-lines add a delicate femininity to an otherwise simple and straightforward aesthetic. The third collection, decadently named Eden, has a tropical feel with floaty silks and light-as-air cottons, water-colour batik prints, and juicy bursts of mango and turquoise. Moorea conjures up images of an ethereally calm sea with washed out cottons in soft shades of aqua and white. The look for Belize is understatedly opulent. The colour palette for this collection is earthy (think somber shades of taupe, slate, and beige) allowing the intricate embroidery (a signature of the brand) to make a strong but elegant statement.














The French label, a favorite of A-list celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Ivanka Trump, and Beyonce, has been gracing snowy white beaches since 2000. The aesthetic of the brand evokes images  of the landscape and spirit of St. Barts, the place of which the brand was born.  References to the island’s azure sea, hot sand, and laid back lifestyle can be found in the consistently aqueous colour palette and relaxed bohemian silhouettes.


Below are my top five favourite pieces from Poupette St. Barth##Q##s newest collections. I am a strong believer in mixing one##Q##s summer pieces with one##Q##s fall and winter garments. A floral sundress can be made winter appropriate with a pair of patterned tights and a woolen cape. A paisley caftan can get a toasty update with a pair of leather skinnies and a waist-cincing belt. These pieces best capture the feel of the brand and of each collection.  Rich colours contrast with airy fabrics and ornate details are juxtaposed with simple straight-forward silhouettes. Contrast is a theme that unifies these three collections and is what makes these pieces adaptable for winter and summer wear (with a little bit of creative styling).


Jumpsuit Court Eden SB Front


“Eden” Jumpsuit Court – $215.00

Blouse Top Moorea CT Sari Front


“Moorea” Sari-Front Blouse – $195.00

Dress Tunica Eden V CK E Front


“Eden” Tunica  – $245.00

Long Dress Tunica Belize VE Front


“Belize” Long Tunica – $265.00

Blouse Top Aruba Basic VE Front


“Aruba” Basic Blouse – $ 195.00

-Alicia Arruda



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