Top 5 Photography Trends 2015

The advertising industry today is competitive as ever and many companies are considering unique ways to give their brand a stronger image. A solid understanding of current photography trends can be a great way to capture the public’s attention and enhance your brand’s reputation. While some trends are obvious and can be seen everywhere on a variety of social media platforms, others are more obscure and less identifiable. When using these methods it is best to keep in mind the story behind your brand so that the image stays true to the message you wish to convey. Fancy filters and hash tags can be perceived as unnecessary and overwhelming. The best way to communicate your theme to friends and followers is through the subtle usage of eye-catching photography techniques:

#1 Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design concepts first became popular in the 1950’s when the Exhibition of Scandinavian Design was shown in London in 1951. Scandinavian artist Alvar Aalto quoted: “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form”. Scandinavian design concepts are displayed in photography today through the usage of clean lines, simple backdrops, modern layouts, and geometric shapes.



#2 Unique Perspective

Taking photos from a unique perspective is a big trend right now. This technique is innovative and adds an element of intrigue to an otherwise simple photograph. It’s also quirky and interesting to look at. Maybe this trend is popular because unique perspective demands attention. For example, when scrolling through photo feeds most people swipe through very quickly saving only a mere glance for each post. However, unique perspective photography is attention grabbing, meaning that people will take more time to examine your work.


perspective 2


#3 Cool Tones

Cool tone colours are very hip right now not only in fashion and decorating, but also in photography. Tones such as greys and blues add a sense of calmness and tranquility to an image. With filters it can be easy to achieve these shades in any style of photo. Adjusting the temperature is the most natural way to add cool tones to your photograph. Cool tones can also be used to make a busy photo look more spacious.


cool tones 2

cool tones

#4 Monochromatic Schemes

Monochromatic schemes are edgy and also very easy to achieve. Unlike colour blocking you can’t go wrong using monochrome. Using all the same tint or shade is a common mistake many people make when creating a monochromatic scheme. This can look dull and too one-dimensional. Instead try using different tints of your chosen colour. So if red is your colour scheme try to also incorporate pink and burgundy. Remember that different colours set different moods so keep your message and audience in mind when choosing your scheme.


monochrome 2


 #5 Experimenting With Light & Shadow

Experimenting with light and shadow is a fun way to play up a simple photo, but is also widely known as an extended metaphor. The juxtaposition of light and dark has longed served as a form of allegory and is a powerful comparison. Incorporating shadow is a fantastic way to create compellingly bold images. Light vs. shadow photos may appear beautiful but haunting, so use this technique carefully.


shadow 3