Tommy Hilfiger: Behind the Scenes

Tommy Hilfiger S/S 15

by Dominique Hanke

BTS pictures provided by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a true showman, and was clearly evident from the painstaking detail of this show. From the beautiful vinyl record invitations to the incredible floral runway, it is clear no detail was spared.

When it comes to the guest list, it is most definitely a who’s who of the fashion and entertainment world. With this in mind, Hilfiger clearly thinks about every impression he leaves on his audience.

webinstance_Anna Wintour

This year he worked with some of the worlds leading digital influencers to get and show a different perspective on his work and the imprint it leaves. He specifically chose artists from outside the fashion industry to document the unique experience of viewing a fashion show for the first time.

Amymarie Gaertner, Vine artist and talented dancer;

Micaël Reynaud, Award winning GIF artist;    


Justina Blakeney, stylist and artist;


Murad Osmanov and Natalia Zakharova, photographers, partners and world travelers;


Nicanor Garcia, teacher and photographer, known for his architectural images.


Hilfiger had a very interactive showing this season, setting up a Vine booth which many of the models and VIP guests had great fun with as well as handing over the reins of their Instagram account to English model, style icon and TV presenter, Alexa Chung.


The backstage line-up was as impressive as front of house with the amazing Pat McGrath heading the make-up and the roster of models featuring some of the biggest rising stars in the industry.

webinstance_TH SP15 Collection HMU 01 webinstance_TH SP15 Collection HMU 03 webinstance_TH SP15 Collection HMU 09



“Very inspired by festivals. Looking at the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joplin, Marianne Faithfull, all the muses of the time, but with a modern, playful spirit. It’s just all about the girls with a little bit of black around the eyes, really softly applied. We’re going to play with painted tattoos that are made out of stars in colors of green, grey, black, burgundy, and a rusty yellow on the body, hands, and face.” – Pat McGrath

webinstance_TH SP15 Collection Make Up Palatte




“The inspiration for the hair comes from music. It really reminds me of a festival kind of feeling, something that’s very loose and slightly unkempt, very free, and kind of delicate at the same time. So really, it’s kind of like a chic take on a hippy girls. The hippy girls of yesteryear meet the hippy girls of today.”– Eugene Souleiman

webinstance_TH SP15 Collection HMU 07

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