Let me introduce you to TOMASZ DONOCIK, the hippest, coolest jewelry line to come out of the UK since Stephen Webster!
London based designer Tomasz Donocik was bornin Poland and raised in Austria. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Donocik worked for internationally renowned jeweller Stephen Webster. Donocik’s body of work attempts to boldly reinterpret modernity through subverting motifs of classicism and masculinity. His inspirations consist of literature,architecture and surrealism. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of his pop up shop in London and had a little chat with him…take a look
(please excuse the footage, as I only had my little camera that night, but in the future it will be better)

Tomasz and Mary at the opening of his London shop

Tomasz##Q##s wraps are stunning, I wear one all the time and am constantly asked where I got it. It is black leather with Swarovski crystals##Q##s

embedded throughout. Prices are not cheap, but are worth the expense, as you really are wearing a piece of art.

Here are some more examples of the new ” Big Name” in custom jewelry Design.

(Click to see a large view)

Unfortunately, Tomasz##Q##s collection is not available here in North America yet, but for Assignment Fashion readers who would like to purchase one of these gorgeous wraps, you can order it directly from me! Myself and Assignment Fashion currently have a few pieces here in Vancouver and a direct line to Tomasz!! If you are interested, please email Assignment Fashion for a price list. Tomasz##Q##s personal site is

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