Three Ways to Style Your Culottes

Three Ways to Style Your Culottes

Every couple of years or so, we’ll see designers pay tribute to past trends, reviving once beloved fads which some ended up as closet mainstays, while others faded into the background. More recently, we’ve witnessed the comeback of looser pant styles to put our obsession with skinny jeans to rest. A writer from PopSugar says there were a number of reasons why she decided to break up with her skinny jeans, including her inability to relax in them, as well as their failure to flatter every body type, despite what other fashion media publications may have implied in the past.

There’s something timeless about loose-fit styles, with the online fashion website Lyst compiling styles such as the wide-leg jeans and flared pants in their collection called The Ultimate Keep Forever Classics. One of the pant styles that we keep seeing season after season is culottes, a name used interchangeably with palazzo pants and gauchos. These split skirts have been around for ages, first worn during the French Revolution by both women and men, according to The Ground Report. It took a while for modern women to jump on the culottes bandwagon, but with style icons, fashion bloggers and celebrities showing them off in the streets, these loose cropped pants are clearly meant to be a permanent item in our wardrobes.

The secret to styling them, is by treating them like a midi skirt. as indicated by StyleCaster. Check out the ideas below for some outfit inspiration.

Vacation Ready
The relaxed silhouette gives off a holiday vibe that makes it a perfect addition to your travel wardrobe. Pair with a tank and ballet flats or sandals to keep a breezy look while wandering about in a new city. Striped culottes are easier to pull off when you’re on vacation.

Work Appropriate
Wearing them like you would wear slacks, a button-up with a solid colored pair of culottes is a surefire way to pull off culottes in the office. While black and other neutral hues are safe to work with, don’t be afraid to experiment with bottoms in brighter colors, such as orange.

Flirty and Sweet
Have you got a backless top that you have a hard time creating an ensemble for without it appearing too sexy? Try it on with black culottes and black strappy sandals, either wearing your hair in beach waves or in a sleek bun for an elegant touch.

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