Inside ‘their’ homes series: Fiona Forbes

As I walked through Fiona’s front door I was greeted by Fiona and her dog Chewy the homes ambassador. I am immediately taken with Fiona’s home style; it is what I’d call, West Coast feminine with a touch of glamour. The home has a very ‘clean’ feel with white walls throughout and very fun yet elegant accessories. There were two pieces of art I absolutely loved and both were painted by close friends of Fiona’s. Vancouver artist Athena Bax’s  painting of ‘Brilliant Wintersong’ is a great contrast to a summer painting of Vancouver by Fiona’s fathers friend Vasil Popov (was commissioned piece for the posters of Expo86).


One of the main pieces that caught my eye was a large wood dining table with matching benches. The wood table is such a great statement piece and was made out of recycled wood (very green) and topped (literally) by a seashell chandelier to complete this West Coast feminine glam look. I also noticed a couple of cute and unusual pieces as well, one of them being a “hate Jar”. When asked about the jar Fiona had a really unique answer.


“The Hate Jar was a gift a dear friend of mine got me as a house-warming present from a local store called Provide. She and I have always said if something bugs you, you have to let the negativity out to set it free. The Hate Jar is a little spot for all the bad juju to go! There was apparently a Love Jar too, but the Hate Jar makes for a better conversation piece!”


Another great piece was the giant mirror in her bedroom along with the high ceiling; it gives the room a spacious light feeling. Fiona’s bedroom is sparingly accented with the color pink, which gives it a grown up girly feel.

Fiona has an absolutely ridiculous amount of shoes. Every style, color and level of heel is represented and unlike collectors she wears them all. Some say obsession or even fetish, Fiona on the other hand loves her collection saying:

“I have always loved shoes. They’re a great way to make a statement and have fun with your wardrobe. All you need is a little black dress and a fun pair of shoes!”

We know the TV Fiona Forbes we see on ‘The Rush’ and as a spokesperson for several charities always in style with the current trends.

 “The work me. I love that my job gives me an excuse to get dressed up every day. I am partial to cute,  bright,  girly dresses and of course,  great shoes when I’m on TV.” 

Of course off camera Fiona has her home life which is really week-end life and “dog time” with Chewy, who himself is quite the stylish little man who only wears fur of course. The week-end Fiona likes to keep it simple yet elegant:

The weekend me. I have what I call my “uniform”. You know that style that you just feel the most “you” in. It’s usually a pair of J Brands, a cute top (usually black as the weekend me is lazy) a little clutch and stilettos. I never feel quite right unless I’m wearing a pair of heels!


As I mentioned above there is also ever stylish in fur, mini Ewok Chewy and the last of the main ‘Looks’ Fiona has which not many people will see unless you are up at the un godly dog walking hours in the downtown area.

“The dog walking me. I am that girl wearing Uggs and my Lululemons in the early hours of the morning and no, I don’t care what people think! There’s a time to be glam and it’s not when Chewy is doing dog business!”

Fiona was a great host to me and her TV personality to is a true representation of the off-screen Fiona Forbes. Her style is based on her tastes and not by a mass consumption of “things for the sake of things” philosophy. You get a sense of a home, a place where a bottle of wine is shared at the wood table with some girlfriends and gossip, a TV area for when the game is on and the girly bedroom of solitude to get away from everyone else except Chewy. Have a look at the gallery and you will see why I have described her style as ‘West Coast feminine with a touch of glamour’.
Fiona wanted to give a shout out to two great local boutiques: (1) The Cross – for the white chair and all her pink Items and (2) “The boys” at Provide – for their contribution to the look of her home.

Story by : Lien Dilewijns
Assistant: Tyler Burrows

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