The Blues


The Blues


Such a classic look, this style is both traditional and modern at the same time. Clean lines, dark neutrals and different shades of blue give it a sense of sophistication. Although it is refined and proper, this outfit is also very utile. The warm knits and timeless coat keep it cozy. It’s casual enough for a day about town, but easy enough to dress up.

The aforementioned utility is obvious in many aspects of this look. Skinny jeans have been a huge trend for years now, as they are stylish, sleek and relaxed, especially when tucked into such wearable boots. These boots are flat, surely comfortable enough to spend an entire day walking, yet utterly classy. They are also quite versatile. Being that they are black, they would suit any style or outfit.

The coat is altogether stylish and chic. The muted navy, rather than basic black, adds interest and contrast to the base of neutrals, and offsets the dark blue denim. The length is ideal. Just above mid-thigh, it elongates the body. The slight nip in the waist gives it shape, a perfect fit.

To augment the nonchalance of such a classy look, modern accessories are a must. Knits are casual and again, quite cozy. The black knit tuque is laid-back, giving the outfit a rather urban essence. A final detail, the infinite scarf, is a contemporary piece. It ties the look together to make something unique and exclusively stylish.

Who: Vanessa R.
Age: 21
Where: Utrecht
Where From: Montreal
Why: “It is comfortable, simple and classy. It makes a statement.”
Hat: H&M – 10$
Coat: Second hand – 70$
Boots: Nine West – 110$
Jeans: Lucky Brand Jeans – 90$
Scarf: Style Exchange



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