The Art of Thrifting

The Art of Thrifting

AF Vancouver Tory’s whole outfit, from her head to her ankles (the boots are a pricey, but beautiful, purchase from an equestrian store in Gastown) is thrift. Managing to put together an entire thrift outfit is no easy task. But Tori proves that it is entirely possible. The key to successful thrift shopping is indeed patience, having an open mind, being incredibly selective and (for some) having a vision. It is certainly more of a sport than a regular shopping spree but the reward is tenfold—there is really nothing better than finding cheap clothes that were once super expensive. Ultimately though, the fun is in the hunt. Although, you may go home empty handed one day, there are always influxes of new clothes coming in the next. 

In fact, Tory makes it really hard to believe that her entire look is thrift. She told me that there is something rather special about wearing authentic clothes with an attached history; the longevity of the clothing give shoppers the ability to bring back trends and the affordability provides them with the chance to try out looks for cheap.

I also asked Tory about big-business clothing stores. Her answer: the biggest issue is originality. She says that chain clothing stores, which over-charge for the thrift look, simply aim to sell a life style and an appearance (in fact there is something intrinsically weird about a “vintage” tee that is mass produced). But the bigger issue is packaging a look that is borrowed from those who actually have style. I can’t say that I disagree. That begs a bigger question, I mean, can originality exist when style is no longer organic?

Anyways, for Tory — who has undeniable style– it makes sense to shop at the source for vintage clothes instead of paying big bucks for something to imitate the old and worn. Perhaps the best way to describe Tory’s style is that it has a 40s influence with an undercurrent of an 80s revival. She told me her style was once pegged as “anthro-chic” (entirely appropriate description). There’s something current about how un-current she is. She modernizes clothes through her ability to throw it all together: rolled up jeans, real rider boots, a broad-shouldered  men’s shirt, a quirky throw-on vest and colourful head band. Through the ingenuity of her devil-may-care attitude in pertaining to fashion, she also channels the androgynous aesthetic – meaning she shops in the guys department more often than not. It is nothing but utterly suiting and appropriate for her. Perhaps the lesson to take from Tory is to go out there and try it. Try things you may like, buy it cheap, tailor it if need may be, thrift (cause you can), and create your own take on any trend.
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