Zara Durrani : A fresh face and new voice in Vancouver media.

Story by Alihandra Dubien

Main photo l&s is by Clayton Cooper

Yoga photos by Miles Clark


On September 18th 2011, I met up with the wonderful Zara Durrani at Bean Around The World Coffee on Davie Street downtown Vancouver. We had an interesting chat about her new show Life and Style as well as her personal life.

Zara Durrani grew up in Lahore, Pakistan a completely different world for most of us; daily goals were not to try and become famous or to get a promotion at work, it was about survival. It was simple; make enough money to take care of your family, to feed them, and to send them to school. To Canadians that sounds pretty straight forward, right, but in Zara’s world, her family struggled to do so. Even with the difficulties of life in Lahore, Zara was a star student and had the grades to prove it.