First United-Giving Back

We are more than the sum of our parts.The history of the ministry at the corner of Gore and Hastings Streets in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is a long one.

First Presbyterian Church was organized in 1885,  a year before Vancouver was a city. Through the years of colonialism,  joint outreach projects with Princess Street Methodist Church foreshadowed the work established in 1925 when The United Church of Canada was founded.

As an inner-city ministry of the United Church of Canada that has been called to be a part of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, we seek to be and become a faithful and authentic “Gospel Community” which, rooted in our Christian faith, is:

Inclusive of all people regardless of their place of residence, religious or political beliefs, economic or social circumstances
Grounded in the call to both be Christ for others and to recognize Christ in others
Values diversity and individual difference and lives out a relationship of mutuality
Intentional in its primary commitment to stand with and to sit at table with those who otherwise live on the margins of society
Inspirational in celebrating Life, in proactively fostering peace and justice, and in consciously and actively embracing responsibility for the environment.

The community of faith, which is this First United Church, will strive to include people of various economic means, including youth and children, while always remaining rooted in standing with those who are exiled in their own land.