Luxurious – Stylish – must be the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt


After spending an incredible 2 weeks in the luxurious and stylish Swiss ski resort of Zermatt over the New Year holiday, I was so delighted when I discovered that this was to be the backdrop for the “Bachelor” Finale!



But let’s talk about that exclusive Swiss resort where there is no such thing as fashion excess. FUR! FUR! FUR!

The Sweater Song – Rebecca Taylor’s

The Sweater Song

Kari Barrett


Pull on a flannel and dig out your old Doc’s. The 90’s is the way for fall. Sulking down the runway at Mercedes-Benz fashion week, a bit of grunge and a touch of feminine sophistication ran frequent through many collections.


Photo courtesy of Imaxtree


Rebecca Taylor’s collection screamed grunge, although it was not without a few sweeter elements.  Movement was everywhere.

Celeb Style: Devon Weigel


Celeb Style: Devon Weigel

Questions by Tybie Lipetz @Tybielipetz

What are the top 3 must haves in your closet?

At the moment I’d say, a pair of dark denim boot cut Hudson jeans (stupidly comfortable), a blazer and good ol’ Frye boots.

What’s your go-to outfit?

A flowy printed silk mini-dress with boots or booties.

What’s your go-to store?

I find myself in Club Monaco more often than not. Pretty much everything in there is really, really nice. Club Monaco couture as I like to call it.

Celeb Style: Victoria Bidewell

Questions by Tybie Lipetz @Tybielipetz

Victoria’s first role and big break was in the feature film ‘What Lies Beneath’ with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. She has also appeared in ‘Good Luck Chuck’ and ‘Alien Vs Predator: Requiem’.


Most recently, she plays the lead role in the feature film ‘Comforting Skin’, released early in 2011, opposite Tygh Runyan. She plays Koffie, a complex young woman, who has a very unique relationship with her tattoo. The cast includes Philip Granger, Eugene Lipinsky, Paul Jarrett, Jane Sowersby and Jennifer Griffin and is directed by Derek Franson. Television roles have included ‘The L Word’, ‘Supernatural,’ the pilot for ‘Hiccups’ and numerous commercials.

From The Stars


From The Stars


Now for something more carefree, this outfit is a far step away from the more refined and structured or tough and grungy looks reviewed over the past few weeks. Cute and earthy, it screams flower child, yet does so with such careful style that it is impossible to think its composition was an accident
The supernatural essence starts with the earth-toned ankle boots. Flat boots ground an outfit, and being that these are so sweet and sprite-like, they give the look an extra sense of magic. Sheer tights add sparkle and a little mystery. As sheer is quite popular this season, the look gives a nod to the runway, without being too brash.

What You Just Can’t Do

What You Just Can##Q##t Do

A look more suited for a night out could seem too dressy midday, but paired with simple outerwear the look screams polished rather than party. The contrast of casual and formal is easy to play up with the rights accessories and accentuating touches.


In this outfit, the leather boots in dark neutrals ground the look, keeping it relaxed. The brown cuff detail adds interest, as does the curving edge. Surprising lines stand out, yet this is so subtle one might have to look twice to notice the decorative extra.