Vancouver Designers Take On the World

Fashion as an industry and as an art is constantly moving forwards and backwards. It’s the past and the future. It is just as much here and now as it is Versailles in the 18th century or Mars circa 3013. […]

Nicole Bridger at Eco Fashion Week

Nicole Bridger at Eco Fashion Week

By Kari Barrett

I was fortunate enough to interview Nicole Bridger about her Spring/Summer Collection show at Eco Fashion Week. The pastel palette is more calm than Easter egg bright, the muted hues giving the airy clothes a sense of refinement. Flush with movement, the fabrics drape beautifully over the barefoot models. As amazing as the collection is, it is more than just a set of eco-friendly frocks. Inspired by events in her own life, Bridger creates a masterpiece of visible emotion, complimented by music, yoga and dance.

Eco Fashion Week

The runway shows were inspiring, the trade show exciting and the fashion absolutely amazing. Aside from stand-out clothing, the Eco Fashion Week trade show was home to a variety of eco friendly make-up, accessories, handbags and even a collection of bicycles. Here are few photos to tide you over. Interview with Nicole Bridger to come!!

Collection by Jujube, all made with certified eco-friendly, socially responsible fabrics.

Summer Rundown – What Vancouver Designers have in store this summer.

With today being the first day of Summer I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what some of our Cities Talented designers have in store for us this summer. Its an amazing blend of function and style that will keep you comfortable in warm weather and still looking sheik at any garden party or sophisticated at any evening event.


Malene Grotrian

Malene’s Spring/Summer 2011 is a contemporary trip back to an era when class and style were not just for special events. To often we only dress up for certain events as there is a void between casual and formal in today’s market.

Her Spring/Summer 2011 line reminds us that simple classic looks can be achieved without going over the top and looking garish and tacky.