Boho-Chic Meets Downtown

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You can tell Caitlin’s been influenced by Vancouver’s city-within-a-city vibe; there’s the too-cool, avant-garde aura of Gastown, the hippie-yoga-loving people in Kits and those draped in designer-duds from Yaletown. Her style is the perfect marriage of the fresh, upscale and classic flare of the mid-downtown scene with the free flowing nature of a Kitsilano lovechild. She tells me the important blank canvas for any of her outfits is a good fitting pair of black leggings and a white tee. And from there on she creates, layers, mixes time periods and styles and somehow produces the Caitlin version of boho-chic.

She says she’s been into the “back to the garden” look for a while now, which includes floral shirts and dresses, Native-American jewelry, moccasins, peacock feathers and earthy toned basics.