Malene Grotrian custom Bridal

My fiancé and I were invited, along with two other couples, to participate in an ‘Ultimate Shootout’ with 30 photographers. The other two couples were married and got the chance to dress up in their wedding gowns and suits again but David and I aren’t married yet so our photo shoot was an opportunity to celebrate and document our engagement. “How fun!” was my first thought and…… “what to wear?” was my second. But I knew who to call.

“Celebrating your Size” – Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2012

This piece was written by Model Megan Babee
Photography: Alex Waber Makeup: Jenny Ruth Elizabeth McLeod Sarah Lam Candice Harvey Carole Methot
Models: April O##Q##Peel, Kelsey Watson, Alex Larente, Megan Babee, Viktoryia Kozik, Ron Wear, Cyrus, Kanika Sasan, Devan Geselle Newman, Jabeene Bhimji, Euvie Ivanova .


February is Eating Disorder Awareness month. All over the globe different organizations are doing their part to spread the message that this illness is becoming more widespread and something needs to be done. The fashion industry has had a reputation for using young, thin models on the catwalk and in print; and many feel this is a direct cause for the rise in eating disorders around the world. The issue though, is a lot bigger than that and we need to be aware of out own attitudes toward thinness.

Zara Durrani : A fresh face and new voice in Vancouver media.

Story by Alihandra Dubien

Main photo l&s is by Clayton Cooper

Yoga photos by Miles Clark


On September 18th 2011, I met up with the wonderful Zara Durrani at Bean Around The World Coffee on Davie Street downtown Vancouver. We had an interesting chat about her new show Life and Style as well as her personal life.

Zara Durrani grew up in Lahore, Pakistan a completely different world for most of us; daily goals were not to try and become famous or to get a promotion at work, it was about survival. It was simple; make enough money to take care of your family, to feed them, and to send them to school. To Canadians that sounds pretty straight forward, right, but in Zara’s world, her family struggled to do so. Even with the difficulties of life in Lahore, Zara was a star student and had the grades to prove it.

Modeling F.A.Q.’s

As a model, I get asked a lot of questions about modeling and the fashion industry. Thus, I’ve decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions I receive when I disclose to people that I model. Please note that these are my personal answers and opinions, based on my own experiences.

How did you get into modeling?

I was scouted in my second year of university, while I was at a friend’s party in Ottawa (by Viresh Pujara of Covermodels Management). I had been scouted twice before in highschool, and always had an interest in working in the fashion industry.

Laura Kell – At a glance

My name is Laura, and I am one of thousands of girls who are trying to make it as a model, in this ridiculous world we call the fashion industry.

When I was nineteen I was scouted by a modeling agent, while attending university in Ottawa. I had previously been scouted twice before by other agencies, so I figured I would give modeling a try and see where it goes. I spent a summer developing – model-speak for building my portfolio – in Toronto, while booking editorials with Canadian fashion magazines, such as Flare, Fashion and Nuvo. This past summer, I worked and lived in Seoul, South Korea, residing in a model apartment and becoming fast friends with models from all over the world.

I’m with Covermodels (mother agency) in Ottawa, Next Models in Vancouver and Toronto, and Montage Models in Montreal. When I’m not modeling I attend Carleton University, double majoring in Law and English.