Montreal Fashion Week as seen by Montreal new comer Wilber Tellez

Montréal Fashion Week was a great experience, especially as a new comer to this beautiful city. The crowed consisted of easygoing fashionistas who where very enthusiastic about being a part of the event. I didn’t have a problem meeting and making connections with people from the industry. It was so wonderful being at an event where people showed up 45 minutes before the shows to chat or just to lineup, Montréal seems to care about fashion and also want to push it to the next level. I believe that Montréal lives up to its reputation as an international fashion capital.

MFW brought lots to see to its viewers, from gallery presentation to theatrical demonstration to the traditional runway show followed by a standing ovation.  Designers have a lot to win by working with MFW, they truly go above and beyond to try and fulfill the designers need to ensure that its vision is carried through.