AF Personalities Series Presents: ALI LIEBERT

AF – Was acting in the blood, were you the ‘dramatic’ one of your friends or did you come in to as you got older?

To be honest, I am a huge ham.  I’m the first-born, I’m a Leo and I love entertaining more than anything in the world, so, yes it’s definitely in my blood. If I can grab your attention and make you laugh, I will try my hardest to do so – well, unless I’m grumpy and then I will sulk, pout and ignore you. I was quite involved in theatre when I was a kid so I always had an outlet for my dramatic outpourings and before I found the theatre audiences I forced my family to witness many of my performances.  I feel especially sorry for my brother.  He had to listen to 10 years of me practicing singing.  Poor guy.


AF -How old were you when you did your first production? What was it?

I believe my first theatrical performance was playing Mary in my kindergarten Christmas Play.   I accidentally dropped baby  “Jesus” off of the stage onto his Cabbage Patch doll head.   I was less concerned about Jesus than I was with finishing the correct choreography sans Baby.  Rapping on the pilot of the L Word was my first ‘speaking’ role on a TV show – I think I was 21.