All The Things You Know

All The Things You Know

Monotony can be just as interesting as intricacy. A strange statement, but easily justified by a style like this. A look of distinct minimalism, it takes inspired creativity to make something so simple so exciting. The monochrome palette leaves room for other details to be the focus, like the soft texture of the cozy charcoal coat. The cinched waist gives shape, while the asymmetric hem adds another level of charm.

In Transition

One of my biggest passions in life is travelling. The biggest disadvantage of it however is the limited luggage allowed on planes. The fact that my whole wardrobe has to come out of one suitcase is frustrating but it does not have to mean that fashion has to suffer.
Now that I’ve been in this divine yet rainy metropolis for a month I’ve come to realise that any wardrobe, be it a suitcase or walk-in closet, needs a few key essential items during winter. So, just before I left sunny Brisbane for wet Vancouver I had left out some of those essential items so I would have a viable excuse to shop here and it helped also reduced my luggage weight.

Laura Kell – At a glance

My name is Laura, and I am one of thousands of girls who are trying to make it as a model, in this ridiculous world we call the fashion industry.

When I was nineteen I was scouted by a modeling agent, while attending university in Ottawa. I had previously been scouted twice before by other agencies, so I figured I would give modeling a try and see where it goes. I spent a summer developing – model-speak for building my portfolio – in Toronto, while booking editorials with Canadian fashion magazines, such as Flare, Fashion and Nuvo. This past summer, I worked and lived in Seoul, South Korea, residing in a model apartment and becoming fast friends with models from all over the world.

I’m with Covermodels (mother agency) in Ottawa, Next Models in Vancouver and Toronto, and Montage Models in Montreal. When I’m not modeling I attend Carleton University, double majoring in Law and English.

Ladies gift ideas and tips for your MAN 2011 Stlye

Ok, so I have noticed over the last couple of years that women have become indifferent to their men looking like 12 year old boys with ##Q##busy##Q## graphic tee##Q##s and ##Q##saggy- ass##Q## jeans. Ladies can you tell me your master plan here, I mean is this some fiendishly clever plan to take even more of our money to buy more of your clothes? I am here to get you back on track, because lets face it, we##Q##re too lazy to initiate this change.

So I, being a less lazy portion of our ##Q##man##Q## kind, have put together some ideas for you; to get us looking more our ages and a bit more suave like our European counterparts. Wait a second, thats the conspiracy isn##Q##t it?

Mara Gottler 2010 Christmas Party

As I stepped inside Mara Gottler##Q##s new studio, I was welcomed with a complimentary cocktail and a warm smile. Located in Gastown, Mara’s studio is an intimate modern space with an edgy twist, but of course, my eyes went to an inviting space with appetizers and of coarse Candy Canes, a truly Christmas touch I might add. An estimated 100 people attended the event, consisting of blogger’s (we wouldn’t miss it), family and friends and of course “the shoppers”.

Mara Gottler grew up in Yugoslavia, her mother a tailor gave her an early sense of how clothes were constructed. Before moving to Vancouver Mara studied costume design at The National Theater School Of Canada in Montreal.
Unlike most designers, Mara uses a variety of Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled fabrics and natural fibers to construct her one of a kind pieces, putting an earth-conscious spin to her clothing.

Dace Designs Vancouver

Dace Designs Vancouver

Since 2001, Dace Moore of Vancouver##Q##s Dace Designs has been creating forward thinking collections in her Gastown studio. Originally from the Okanagan Valley, Moore came to Vancouver with little more than a dream.  Over the past eight years she has carefully crafted her designs and made a name for herself not only on the West Coast but across Canada.
Moore##Q##s parents came from relatively modest means, and when the back to school season rolled around, Moore and her siblings would each be given $100 to spend on their fall wardobe.  While her siblings would arrive home with several different pairs of  pants, shirts and shoes, Moore says she would use hers to buy one or two special pieces, opting for quality over quantity.
Arriving in Vancouver with virtually no sewing or design skills, Moore would scour the thrift shops, collecting fabric scraps and making her own pieces to sell to consignment stores.  When they began to actually sell, Moore decided to study at the Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design, completing the program in 1998.
Dace##Q##s pieces are known for their mix of clean lines and femininity.  Her fall 2010 collection features more than just shirts, dresses and pants.  There are outerwear pieces, accessories and duvets and throws for style at home as well.

Especially notable are this season##Q##s April Blouse, with its beautiful lace  details and button closures on the right shoulder,available in both  cream and black.  Other gems include the Dilan Tank dress with  binding detail, curved hemline and elastic waist, the Kyle pleated  100% cotton trousers with angled front zipper and slightly cropped  leg.  Then there is the Lee Jacket, a wool coat with brass buttons that  are used with the leather toggles.