Jeggings: The Next Generation

Leggings have been in style for awhile now and still going strong.  They are simply a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  They come in a variety of colours and lengths.

You might say this trend is reminiscent of the ‘80s with images of Madonna on a gondola singing away about virginity, but leggings have evolved in the twenty first century.  There have been many other interpretations of the footless hose.

There is the Jegging.  Whoever invented the word probably is the mastermind behind “Brangelina”.  Simply put this is a legging that has the resemblance of a pair of jeans.  More comfortable than those tight jeans you have to force your legs to magically appear on the other end.  They look like a pair of jeans with the stretchy ability to be called a legging.  Genius!


Here’s a pair selling for $49.50 at Hollister.

Some of these jeggings look like a pair of jeans but there are others that are obviously a pair of tights.  Like the ones with the sprayed on picture of jean pockets on the back of a pair of tights.  Not everyone’s style but is definitely interesting.

The jeggings below are made out of jean material but look more like a legging than a pair of jeans.  So it depends on what kind of look you are going for.  Maybe we’ll see “joga pants” at Lululemon one of these days.  This reporter may be onto something!