Mara Gottler 2010 Christmas Party

As I stepped inside Mara Gottler##Q##s new studio, I was welcomed with a complimentary cocktail and a warm smile. Located in Gastown, Mara’s studio is an intimate modern space with an edgy twist, but of course, my eyes went to an inviting space with appetizers and of coarse Candy Canes, a truly Christmas touch I might add. An estimated 100 people attended the event, consisting of blogger’s (we wouldn’t miss it), family and friends and of course “the shoppers”.

Mara Gottler grew up in Yugoslavia, her mother a tailor gave her an early sense of how clothes were constructed. Before moving to Vancouver Mara studied costume design at The National Theater School Of Canada in Montreal.
Unlike most designers, Mara uses a variety of Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled fabrics and natural fibers to construct her one of a kind pieces, putting an earth-conscious spin to her clothing.