“Celebrating your Size” – Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2012

This piece was written by Model Megan Babee
Photography: Alex Waber Makeup: Jenny Ruth Elizabeth McLeod Sarah Lam Candice Harvey Carole Methot
Models: April O##Q##Peel, Kelsey Watson, Alex Larente, Megan Babee, Viktoryia Kozik, Ron Wear, Cyrus, Kanika Sasan, Devan Geselle Newman, Jabeene Bhimji, Euvie Ivanova .


February is Eating Disorder Awareness month. All over the globe different organizations are doing their part to spread the message that this illness is becoming more widespread and something needs to be done. The fashion industry has had a reputation for using young, thin models on the catwalk and in print; and many feel this is a direct cause for the rise in eating disorders around the world. The issue though, is a lot bigger than that and we need to be aware of out own attitudes toward thinness.