SuperDry: An alternate to LuLulemon ?


Back in August we were contacted by our friends at SuperDry who sent us some workout/yoga wear to try. AF has always had a policy of putting our samples to the test so we can give you an honest and accurate review.


Our tester was local model Samia Oz. AF told her to wear the top and bottom for a month and report back on how the items held up. Here is what she told us after her time wearing the items to work out and after multiple washes.




The fit was comfortable and never lost it’s fit or feel. The fabric is very breathable and keeps sweat from building up keeping you cool during your workout as well as odor free. The top and bottoms faired well after multiple washings with no pilling or fading which is a plus for those who work out a lot.




The one draw back Samia noted was the branding that appears in large letters on both pieces. The items are valued at $100 which for their value is fine, but the further advertising is something the company may want to work on.


With Lululemons recent bad publicity about quality SuperDry just may be a brand you want to try. They have a wide range of products for both men and women and would make a great Christmas gift for the fitness buff in your family.



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