Style Series: Alexandra & Katherine

I’m always on the lookout for new fashion inspiration and lately I have been getting a lot of ideas from my friends and and the people surrounding me. I met Alexandra and Katherine on Facebook and asked one of them to model for my fashion styling project at school. It was my first time styling a photo shoot and Alexandra’s expertise in front of the camera really helped the photos to stand out. From there on I started styling more shoots. Recently I decided to do something creative and get both girls involved. They agreed to model for me again (this time with Katherine involved too) and this is what we came up with. But besides the fact that they take good photos, Alexandra and Katherine also have a unique sense of style. I got bit creative and came up with a short interview for them to fill out. To view the photos from our shoot and read about Al and Kat’s fashion tips take a peek below:


1) What are your favourite “hidden gem” stores in Vancouver?


Violet Boutique on West 6th Ave, for splurging, and Bakers Dozen Antiques on Main, for the most incredible vintage trinkets.


It’s a hit or miss, but I personally have struck gold at the Mine & Yours second-hand store on Hornby. Where else could I have found Chloé and Dries van Noten at such a reasonable price? Also, Rosemary Rocksalt on Main for fellow bagel connoisseurs – they are delicious.


2) What inspires your personal style?


I love women’s fashion in the 1990s – high-waisted jeans, structured jackets, and the fresh, clean Calvin Klein look. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder are perfect examples. The lines between menswear and womenswear were blurred slightly, while maintaining this great sense of simplicity and femininity.


Rock stars and their (sometimes ex) girlfriends: Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, Alex Turner and Alexa Chung, Matty Healy (of The 1975) and Gemma Janes. I love what the guys wear just as much as the girls, so I’ll draw on inspiration from both people in the couple. I’m attracted to pieces that some might refer to as outrageous – I prefer the term “dramatic” – but I also really like the simple, stripped-down look that Kate Moss does so well.


3) What is the main difference between both of your fashion interests? Do you like the same stuff usually?


Katherine’s style tends to be earthier and edgier – there’s sort of an endless rotation of skinny jeans, leather belts, and combat boots in her wardrobe. I’m more likely to go crazy over a pink blouse with tiny cats on it, while she’d gravitate towards something… black.


I think in general we’re drawn to the same things in a store, but Alexandra always seems to end up with a softer, more feminine look. I think maybe she does it subconsciously to achieve a yin-yang effect between the two of us. Two sisters in leather leggings might be a bit too much to handle.


4) Who wears the pants in the relationship? (fashionably and metaphorically)


Definitely Katherine in both respects. She wore a black silk pantsuit to our prom while I wore a lavender silk dress, so there you have it. And friends and family would agree that she has been the “dominant twin” since birth – she’s the first to speak up and almost always has the final word.


Definitely me. But Alexandra can be known to fight back, usually when I least expect it.


5) Favourite fashion designer and why?


If we both answer honestly, I think we’ll name the same person, because there is no one who can measure up to Karl Lagerfeld. He has been quoted as saying that he works to “kill reality”, which he achieves with each new collection. He breaks boundaries while never failing to keep it timeless and beautiful.


The man is 81 years old, and he has better fashion sense than any young woman in the world. He is God of fashion. Being personal assistant to even his cat, Choupette, would be nothing short of a dream come true.


6) What Instagram accounts have you been watching out for lately?


@behatiprinsloo, because I worship Behati’s street style (again, bringing back the 90s with her adorable chokers), and @lilyrose_depp because she is probably the most gorgeous 15-year-old alive right now… With Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis as parents, how could she not be?


I know she’s mentioned by a lot of people, but @tildalindstam is hilarious and beautiful even with no makeup and red wine running down her chin. Alexandra and I have started our own collection of secret selfies with sleeping airplane passengers. We haven’t been caught – yet.


7) Any boy advice for the teenage girls who are reading this?


Find a balance between putting yourself out there and staying true to who you are – personality, style, values, etc. It may seem like the most important part is getting the guy’s attention, but in the end, you want him to like the real you – not the dream-girl persona you’ve created for him.

Also, watch out for the very pretty ones… they are usually trouble.


I think I’m going to borrow Marianne Faithful’s response when she was asked about her past relationship with Mick Jagger: “Dahhhling, you can’t believe the lyrics.”


 8) Interesting or unique fact about each other?


(Fact about Alexandra): She has a 19-year-old teddy bear that looks closer to 90 years old, and I’m pretty sure she loves him more than me.


(Fact about Katherine): She is an incredible liar and very good at keeping secrets from me. (Or maybe I’m just gullible and unobservant.)



Creative Director: Kelsey Adlem

Photographer: Kenneth Kwok

Head Stylist: Kelsey Adlem

Assistant Stylist: Rachel Renke

Makeup Artist: Chanel Routhier

Models: Katherine & Alexandra