Save some $ on beauty basics

Perhaps it##Q##s my Scottish roots, but I##Q##m always annoyed when I go by the drugstore to grab a couple basic items and end up spending $30. I##Q##d much rather spend it on “spendy”, fun stuff – an eye cream that turns back the clock or a lip stain that stays past lunch. Here are a few ways to save some money that actually do a better job:

  1. Cotton Swabs – the cheapest ear swabs are the best ear swabs for beauty purposes – head to the dollar store! The more expensive swabs, such as Q-tip ($4.50), the softer and fluffier they are – which means more fluff in your make-up or eye. The smaller tip also provides more precision – and a big box is a deal for a buck. Savings – $3.50
  2. Baby Wipes – while you are at the Dollar Store grab a package of these as well, unscented is best. The cheapest versions have the least additives and will leave your skin the cleanest. Cosmetic brands have lots of choices that will run your between $7 and $20 – but for your basic end of day cleansing & eye make-up removal these do a great job. If the package goes dry just add a little water from the tap. Your dollar are always best spent on the items that spend time on your skin, and don##Q##t just run down the drain. Savings – $19
  3. Pre-Moistened Pads –  Cut them in half! In the summer months I add Spectro Acne Care Cleansing pads to my skin care routine. I have dry skin, but a heavier sun screen and humidity leave me with the occasional spot. These pads do a great job of keeping my skin clear, hydrated & non-irritated, and are already a deal at $8 – but half a pad does a great job and the one container lasts me during our hottest weeks. Savings – $4.
  4. Brush Cleaner – This is a double duty savings. Keep your brushes clean to use less product and keep your skin clearer.  Brush cleaner is a great product – it conditions and disinfects your brushes, and it dries quickly – but it##Q##s more of a product for make-up pros on the go. At home, where you aren##Q##t sharing brushes, just use a little gentle shampoo and lay them flat on a towel to dry. Lip & concealer brushes may be a little more resistant – once in a while use dish soap to remove build-up from oil based  or waxy products. Savings – $12.
  5. Batteries – skip buying new ones from your heated eyelash curler. A regular eye lash curler produces great results.  Savings – $11 on the curler & $6 for batteries.

Total savings – $54.50.
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