Celeb Style – Rebecca Marshall

Questions by Tybie Lipetz

 Celeb Style – Rebecca Marshall


Rebecca Marshall is set to star and produce the docudrama “Life Tracker” in Los Angeles late November, 2011. The production is written and will be directed by Joe McClean. This past summer Rebecca joined a stellar cast starring Adam Sandler in the feature film entitled “I Hate You Dad” aka “Donny’s Boy”.  Rebecca joined superstars Susan Saradon, James Caan, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester in the film shot in Cape Cod andBoston.  The feature films tells the story of a disagreeable father who moves in with his son before the son (Andy Sandberg) is about to get married.  Last seen on big screen in the extremely successful franchise SAW 3D with Tobin Bell (Jigsaw), Cary Elwes and Sean Patrick Flanery Rebecca welcomed the change from horror to comedy.


In her spare time when not traveling, Rebecca works on oil paintings, enjoys having game nights at home, reading and writing. You will most likely find her in a bookstore than a nightclub.  She loves working with people who inspire her and push her to do her best.  Rebecca heads up Moxie Lady Productions, which will be producing her next project.  Rebecca is an avid sports fan who played softball and tennis for years.


What’s your go-to outfit?

Blacks skinny jeans, loose top with a scarf and ankle boots.

What’s your go-to store?

Intermix and H & M

Who’s your favourite designer?

Alexander McQueen


Are you effected by trends? Are there any trends at the moment you love or hate?

I love that lace is back in! It’s such a classic beauty look.


What advice would you give to young women/men trying to find their personal style?

Explore and play! You have to take risks and know that sometimes it might not work. Always feel confident in what you wear though. If you don’t feel comfortable than it’s probably not a good look for you.


What’s your opinion of fashion magazines? Do you read them?

I LOVE fashion magazines. Elle, Vogue and INStyle are my favourite magazines to read on the plane when I am traveling. It gives me insight on what’s going on in the fashion world.


What was your favourite style decade? (grunge, hippy, 40’s, …)

I am a big fan of the 40’s I believe that I was suppose to be born in that decade lol


What does style mean to you?

Style to me is like an art form. It’s a form of expression for people. I believe you don’t need money to have style. Just creativity and confidence.




Do you dress for yourself or for others (ie: your man or work)?

I always dress for myself. Because if I don’t feel positive or confident in what I am wearing then neither will the person I am wearing it for.


Do you have any beauty or fashion tips you’d like to share?

Never over do it.

How has your personal style changed over the years?

I have definitely gotten out of my safety box. I use to wear a lot of black and keep it safe. Now I bring in a lot of color and accessorize which I have learned to work with.


What do you think about the way men/women dress in this city? Do you find Vancouver’s style different from other cities you’ve been to or lived in?

Vancouver has a great style. I think that each city that I have lived in brings something different to the table. Los Angeles is very casual and accessorized, New York has that all walks of life for fashion and Paris brings such an essence of class that you can put on anything your in the mood for and wear it out.


Have you ever felt pressured to look a certain way? Why? What did you do about it?

I definitely think there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way. As much as I love fashion magazines I do disagree with the way they airbrush everything and give young girls the idea that this is how they must look. I think you have to be yourself and love your body and look and that will project to others. I never let the pressure of being a certain way get to me. This is who I am take it or leave it.



Do you think fashion and trends are affected by media? Is this a good thing?

Yes and no. I do think celebrities inspire fashion trends to a certain extent but really the designers are the ones who inspire everything from the start.


What do you think about the Yoga craze in Vancouver? Would we ever find you out for lunch in yoga pants?

Absolutely! My yoga pants have also become my errand pants, lunchtime pants and daytime lounge pants lol


How would you describe your city’s style?

Very casual and comfortable but trendy.


How would you describe your style?

Hmmm that’s tough because I am a bit of a chameleon when it comes to fashion. I love to change it up and try everything. But I try to always keep it looking classy and effortless.


What’s your favourite accessory?

SCARVES! Can’t live with out them. They go with everything!



Red Carpet

How do you like to dress for the Red Carpet

I like to dress comfortable yet classy as I know there are cameras everywhere and it could be a long night.


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