Ralph Lauren Brings Mens Classy Back

For far too many years now Mens Wear has fallen to the wayside by all major designers as sort of a tag – a- long to their Women’s collections. While its true the shows were large productions and hyped, there was very little change or imagination from collection to collection.

So I was glad to see Ralf Lauren’s Men’s Fall 2010 line, it has Ralf##Q##s usual low saturated colors along with his trade mark simple layered look with a few twists.

This year Ralf returned to a classic look of a time when would dress for up for an event rather then trow on a girly looking print T-shirt ( Ed Hardy etc.) and call themselves “In fashion”. His collection features styles that range from a casual night out to the movies to looking mature and responsible for that first date. I would like to believe that with a show like AMC’s Mad Men Designers are seeing that baggy is officially “OUT” and that a return to proper fitting clothes is the only way to move forward.

Ladies do you really like to see your mans butt hidden or squashed by his below the waist baggy jeans? Wouldn’t you rather see him in clothes that showed off if physic much like the clothes he likes you to wear. Below are some examples of outfits that should be a must in any Man##Q##s closet from now on and lets hold a public burning for all things Ed hardy like, to rid the world of jersey shore copy cats. ( I didn’t use capitals out of disrespect)

Posted by Noel Bentley

Creator of Assignment Fashion.