Quick tips to bring your complexion into spring

Quick tips to bring your complexion into spring



While it may feel like anything but spring with ice on the ground and temperatures in the negatives, but the sun is shining these days and only going to get brighter, and eventually, warmer. Lauren Conrad embodies the easy west coast style, but southern girls get their colour naturally. Here are some tips to ease your pale and parched winter skin into a fresh spring glow…


– Perfect your canvas. A great tip came to me via Noir Lash Lounge##Q##s twitter – after washing, first prep your skin with a heavy moisturizer, give a minute to set, then use your regular moisturizer on top. The secret to getting the most out of your moisturizer? Rub it in, take at least a minute.


– Use a creamy foundation, and apply with your fingers, blending away. The run a make up sponge over it all again. Touch up any areas that need extra coverage with concealer. I prefer to use a brush, but some prefer their fingers. Dip a large brush into a powder and tap most of the excess of. Starting at your forehead, dust your face with the smallest amount of powder to set your base.


– To wipe out the paleness, dip you large brush into a light bronzer – something with a little shimmer and more tan that an orange base. Again, tap off any excess (this is a little hint of colour!) and apply to your cheeks (two swipes, two swipes),  forehead (one swipe), chin (1 swipe) and blend the rest into your decolletage. Now take the empty brush and blend your cheeks, forehead and chin.


– To add a little flush try a pink blush on your cheeks. The layering adds a depth to the colour, making it more natural.


Go light on your eyes, gloss your lips, and your looking fresh as a flower.





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