Photo Editorial: Sticks and Stones

frAsh has come a long way since it##Q##s conception in 2002 – a jewellery company that was birthed by two art driven individuals, Isobel Walker and Eiryn Jakob.

What began as a time filler over a summer has expanded into a unique brand that is making it##Q##s name known across Canada. Since the conception of frAsh Isobel Walker has taken over the company and is the sole designer and creator of the line.


Moving on from pieces that were once made purely of reclaimed vintage jewellery, Isobel has since been able to combine the old and the new to create pieces that are still unique and reflect the initial concept behind the frAsh brand – A fresh take on someone else##Q##s trash – .

2011 has been a big year for Isobel and frAsh, receiving exposure at such events as Ottawa Fashion week where frAsh was a sponsor and worked to create an exclusive design for the event.

These 64 one of a kind necklaces were praised by the fashion elite as being a breath of fresh air in the congested world of accessories. Isobelhas followed up with her fall 2011 collection that has been called “ … a collection so fierce it mimics the strength of tribal armor yet it’s also glam with subtle hints of crystals and haute couture”.

frAsh##Q##s fall 2011 collection entitled: STICKS & STONES… is filled with beautiful rich coloured semi-precious stones and crystals. Inspired by nature##Q##s own armor and the innate desire to expose the deep aggressive beauty that we all house inside – the frAsh fall 2011 collection is truly one to behold.




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