Perry Ellis S/S 15

Perry Ellis NYFW

By Dominique Hanke

As new Creative Director, Michael Maccari wanted to make his mark with his debut collection for Perry Ellis. He took his inspiration from two main sources, firstly artist Sean Scully, who is known for his use of structure, line and colour. He also took cues from his own environment: the Manhattan urban setting, specifically the linear quality and the grid-like plan of the streets.


The colour palette for this collection was beautiful and I am a huge fan of the red and blue colour blocking. Even the more neutral beige and grey tones made a real impact in graphic prints and tonal blocking.

perry-ellis01 perry-ellis34

Maccari’ s focus on detailing really made this collection hit another level for menswear, and this was particularly evident with the rain coat blazers, which were a beautiful blend of outdoors meets tailoring.


It was a toss up for my favourite pieces. I really was sold on the raincoat blazers, but the black and white graphic suit was a real stand out piece that I can see appealing to a lot of men.


Maccari put out an impeccable collection with a smart balance of innovative, statement and classic design. I really can’t wait to see what he does next with the Perry Ellis line.

perry-ellis04 perry-ellis37 perry-ellis21 perry-ellis07 perry-ellis06 perry-ellis26

For the full collection, check out the video below: