Ones to watch: Destiny Millns

Destiny Millns


As a child Destiny was approached several times about working in the industry but never took the offers seriously until just over a year ago when she started to do background work. That time on set inspired her to look for a principal agent. She spent a week meeting with 13 agents looking for the one that felt like a connection finally signed with KC Talent and as of March 2017 she started to focus full time on principal acting.


Destiny Millns


Destiny didn’t go through acting schools or workshops that most actors traditionally follow, instead she draws upon her own life. A life that has seen some twists and turns and devastating blows in recent years all which Destiny can pull from to create her characters. She loves tough gritty roles and was ‘totally fine’ paying a dominatrix for her very first onscreen role. Recently she played a Meta-Human on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and had the trill of not only her first CGI experience but then seeing the finished role for the first time as they used her scene in a commercial for the episode.


Destiny Millns


“I totally freaked out! I ran around my place like a lunatic screaming with excitement, the neighbors must have thought I was insane!” destiny told me with a huge grin on her face. “These are things you dream of as a kid, but watching it still didn’t feel real, it’s very surreal.” She ells me that parts like this are amazing and are why she love the film industry as things that aren’t real become so.

With 2017 being her rookie season in the industry Destiny reflects back at what she has done and where she wants to go. Humbled by the small victories she is determined to ‘see her name at the start and end of a production’ and by the look that was in her eyes when she said it I believe we will be seeing a lot more of this actress in the coming months and years.


KEEP A EYE OUT: As mentioned Destiny just wrapped an independent film directed by Kevin Shultz and written by him and Destiny. She plays Barbara Gordon and her alias BATGIRL, a role to which Millns say she was destined to play.

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