Napoleon make up

Napoleon make up



Many of us believe that fashion is just how we dress ourselves, that it is just what combination of clothes we decide to put together that day. But fashion is much more than that, it the way you decorate your house, its the way in which you apply your make up in the morning, we live and breath fashion without even knowing it!


Funny that I should mention make up – I have only recently discovered Napoleon Perdis make up, it is such beautifully crafted make up that when you are applying it to your face it almost feels like you are creating art and your face is the blank canvas!




The first time I actually used this make up – I##Q##ll admit, I kindly “borrowed” it from my sister for an event I was going to! But after using it once I had ditched my own make up and was wanting to use hers more and more.
My favourite piece of the make up set is the eye liner – it comes in a little pot and with a blush so it is basically like you are painting it on below your eye, and boy oh boy it just glides effortlessly across your skin, and the best part of all – it doesn##Q##t smudge, all day! No having to ask your friends or family if you “have black under your eyes” this was the ultimate winner for me.
Frankly, I loved it so much that I went and purchased a pot of my own! I now use it everyday, as a matter of fact it was one of the first times I have worn it to work just last week and I got a compliment from a customer saying – “wow your eyes look amazing, did you do your make up yourself” I politely smiled and nodded in pride saying that I had done it all myself! I was quite pleased with that reaction!
Much to my disgust – the other two pieces that run in 2nd and 3rd for my favourites are, the mosaic blush and the madame beyond mascara, I was told by the lovely shop attendant that due to Napoleon Perdis being released in America that they were sadly out of stock in the WHOLE country of the two products I was desperate for! Never the less – All of you lucky people that are living in the US can now go up and snatch these amazing products before I can! I am actually extremely jealous!
The prices of Napoleon make up are very reasonable and affordable – so you don##Q##t have to be a millionaire to look and feel like a goddess everyday!

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