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Recently I was lucky enough to interview Heidi Klum for the blog on the launch of her new Life Style blog . Heidi has a busy summer ahead with the filming of a new season of  Project Runway the launch of her new website and her partnership with New Balance running shoes and Why we love Heidi. She never took her fame for granted but used it to her advantage. Her success is well earned and well deserved through her work ethic and business savvy.


That being said when I heard that Heidi was launching a Style blog in partnership with AOL I was a little skeptical that this was little more then just another celebrity blog, giving us other people’s anonymous advice under there celeb name. She explained that she will post her own articles from time to time but her experts will post a majority of the pieces under their names in there own sections.Feeling much better about that fact and based on further research into Klum’s past work I found that Heidi has not been one to put her name on anything unless she trusts the content, or it is something she feels represents her. So lending her name to the site brings in the traffic and questions, her experts provide the answers. Initially the site will be “Heidi heavy content” so the experts have time fill the site with their own content she explains:


” See right now I think it seems like a lot – like it is about me, but you know it’s not really meant to be like that. It’s just because we haven’t kind of aired all of the things already. Obviously it starts from me because these are the experts that I have put together and the experts that have been around me for over ten years. But it’s not really supposed to be about me.”


Heidi explains that the site addresses the questions she gets almost everyday on a variety of Fashion, Make-up and Hair and heath subjects. The experts that contribute to the site are professionals in their field and have been working with Heidi for the past decade. These experts are the ones she normally asks the same questions to so this was a natural fit to have them write for the blog.


” …  it’s not like they just work with me, they all work with many different people and they see many different problems along the way where they go, you know. Because they work with so many different women all over the place and different ages too, so they just have great tips to share with women. So it’s not just about me and things that they do on me or with me, you know.

If you go on the site and you go under Experts, you can find all of the information on them. I also have done a video of all of them where they will kind of talk to everyone too, so people get to know them. And we have put a little bit of bio together where a lot of their work will be shown on there.

Because you know, they’re real you know A list you know makeup and hair and stylists. You know, they work with all different celebrities all over the globe and you know they’re just all really great people. And you know, most of them you know they’re my friends because we know each other for such a long time.”



One thing that was very clear from our conversation is that Heidi is one incredibly busy women. We all know of her work with Victoria’s Secret and of course her hit show Project Runway, but Heidi also supports a number of charities all why raising her beautiful children and running a household with husband of 6 years, British singer Seal. I asked Heidi if she gets any spare time what does she do for herself. The answer surprised me a little bit, as Heidi told me she is not a “Spa” person and has never gone to one but joked with her friend and Make up expert Sabrina Bedrani that she would only go with her. Klum states:

“I’m not someone who goes and puts themselves into a spa for a day or two. I’ve actually never done that where I’d go somewhere and I’m being muded up from head to toe and I just I’m there for like two days. I mean, people do that and that is amazing. I’ve never done that before.”

Instead Heidi told me one way she can get out on her own is by plugging in her headphones and going for a good run.

” what I do love about the running part, is you know I put my little – I put my music in my ears and then I just go and you kind of go into the zone and, you know, you do have your time alone.”

When it comes down to it Heidi isn’t stressed at all by her home life she loves spending time with her family so she doesn’t feel the need to get away adding:




” … at home I enjoy being just at home with my family. You know, we cook. We’re out in the garden. We jump on the trampoline with the  two new German shepherds that just came  six months ago when Santa Claus dropped them off on our doorstep. I really do like to just hang around at home, I really enjoy that and I don’t need to go somewhere and be by myself, unless its for a run of course.”



As we talked more about her new site  it became very clear that Heidi really does care about what information gets posted for her fans and the public in general. The experts she has chosen to contribute advice for the site shows you  something about how Heidi conducts her day to day business, and why she is as well know for her business dealings as she is in the Fashion industry.

Heidi’s plans for the summer revolve around taping Project Runway for 2 months, she takes the family with her to New York where the show is shot, which is sort of a vacation, but says there may be a trip somewhere if time permits later on.  I enjoyed my conversation with Heidi and told her that she needed to come out to Vancouver and see for herself how amazing our designers are and how being such a young, diverse city the we truly have a unique sense of fashion not seen anywhere else in the world. She seemed genuinely interested and sincere with looking into the industry in Vancouver.

Visit the site and see why we welcome Heidi into the Fashion blog world.


Story by – Noel Bentley


Heidi’s Experts


Linda Hay, Makeup Expert

Linda Hay is one of the most valued makeup artists in fashion today, not only for her down-to-earth personality and deep commitment to her craft, but for her uncanny ability to highlight what is unique and different about every face she touches. Read full profile »

Michel Aleman, Hair Expert

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Sabrina Bedrani , Makeup Expert

Paris born, Los Angeles–based makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani##Q##s refreshing vision and artful hand have gained her significant recognition as a renowned artist within the beauty industry. Read full profile »

Eric Gabriel, Hair Expert

Coming from a family of hairstylists, Eric Gabriel moved to New York City-scissors in hand, to begin a career working on-set with such legendary image-makers as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Patrick Demarchelier, Annie Leibovitz, and Bruce Weber. Read full profile »


Maryam Malakpour, Fashion Expert

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Jaimi Brooks, Beauty Expert

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Andrea Orbeck, Fitness Expert

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Michael Ostrow, Design Expert

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Linda Rothschild, Organization Expert

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Mindy Weiss, Event Planner Expert

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Shakuntala Zakheim, Craft Expert

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