Montreal Fashion Week designers and their collections

Recently Montreal hosted its annual Fashion Week. Vancouver photographer Kim Akrigg now residing in Toronto went on behalf of Assignment Fashion to get a look at the shows and shoot the collections.
I am always amazed at the forward thinking of Canada##Q##s Designers and how each one takes into account their cliental and incorporates some of their regions style, while always searching for a greener alternative. We tend to dismiss Canada as a go to fashion country because we are a younger Nation and sometimes have an inferiority complex which keeps us from extolling the virtues of our artists.
This years Montreal Fashion Week only proves that Canada is at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and what better city the Canada##Q##s art Capital to showcase these collections.


Marie Saint Pierre


Fashion designer Marie Saint Pierre established Marie Saint Pierre Design Inc. and has been considered one of Canada##Q##s great design icons ever since. She is also a charity founder and an independent spirit.

Considered an avant-garde designer, Marie Saint Pierre is known for her layering techniques and fluid lines, creating an imaginative juxtaposition of textures and colors.





The eponymous Montreal-based high-end ready-to-wear line created by Duy Nguyen in 2001 has won numerous fans for its sharp tailoring and impeccable cuts. Duy has always experimented with fabrics and patterns of the finest quality. His unmistakable precision, his mastery of cut and his high-precision tailoring have created a unique tailoring approach that has become his signature. His timeless pieces have made him a favourite of women looking to be beautifully dressed, regardless of the time of day or the season, and with fashion editors and industry players who have been rightfully impressed with his edgy contemporary styling. “My clothes are edgy and innovative yet very wearable. They have a refined sensibility with unexpected details to catch the eye,” says Duy.



Melissa Nepton


Fashion designer Mélissa Nepton specializes in modern, ready-to-wear couture that targets the urban career woman. Hers is a vision that reflects both her personality and view of fashion: “For me, fashion is a vigorous expression that impacts women’s lives in a positive way. And in return, women bring to fashion a sense of sensuality, fluidity and femininity. It’s a communication rooted in comfort, practicality and confidence.”

Mélissa understood at a young age that fabrics were creative tools she wanted to explore as she watched her mother create theater costumes and children’s clothes. Mélissa quickly embraced a steadfast road to fashion perfection. She completed her prep school years attending the renowned fashion program atMarie-VictorinCollegebefore enteringMontreal’s L’École supérieure de mode



Founded February 14, 2005, the business has since not ceased to evolve, due to its owners##Q## complementary experiences and skills. Occupying primordial roles in the company (crafting & production by Annie, and marketing & finance by Amélie), they have united their respective talents in order to create their collections – choosing and deciding styles, cutting, and materials. Inspired by the Fifties, the collections emphasize on femininity and a taste for cuteness. Often snug, cozy, and displaying classic designs of the era, the clothes attract a young crowd with a passion for Rock and Roll as much as a more mature crowd looking for originality and femininity. Resulting of a desire in its production ethics, the company##Q##s line-up is distributed mainly through independent shops that specialize in designer clothing. Annie 50, always evolving, is looking forward to the future, wishing to extend its outlets beyondQuebec##Q##s borders in the upcoming years.




Dinh Ba


Born in Saigon, Dinh bá came toMontrealat the age of eight. From an early age, he was very artistic, and loved drawing, and entered the world of fabrics and garments while helping his seamstress mother.

In time, he mastered garment creation and quickly became a true fashion couturier. In 2000, he completed his College Degree in fashion design atLasalleCollege. From the beginning of his college training, he was recognized both for his originality and his classical style. In the summer of 2003, he had the opportunity to present his collection at the Aim com Moi boutique. With this, doors began to open: a sales network developed inMontreal, and other centers,Torontoamong them. Dinh Bá can now take pride in holding an esteemed position in the world of fashion, and truly holds his own among many renowned design houses.

And now, it is with an assurance and maturity that Dinh Bá Design launches into the market for the young and sophisticated businesswoman. Dinh Bá Design is finding a real foothold here, and modern young women are taking notice!


Eve Gravel


Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection
This season, designer Eve Gravel shows winter who’s boss with an all-new collection that is as cozy as it is sexy and sassy! Presenting a fashion-forward take on a woodsman style, knits, fur accents and wool in contrasting colours are converted into casual pieces, from sweaters and ponchos to oversized coats and sleeveless vests. Cool shades like cream, navy blue and black fuse with silvery gray and ochre while loose garments mix with more fitted styles!

From the outset, Eve Gravel’s collections have been inspired by her travels, music and street fashion, reflecting the designer’s signature duality. Sometimes feminine, sometimes tomboy – like the designer herself- each season’s collections showcase pieces of retro and contemporary inspiration.


Martin Lim

MARTIN LIM is the meeting of two cultures, two worlds, but mainly the fusion of two designers who proved themselves on a national and international level, they are Danielle MARTIN & Pao LIM.

Besides winning prestigious national and international awards, Martin and Lim are devoted designers who gained valuable experience while working with internationally renowned designers such as Christian Lacroix and Roland Mouret. Since the last few years, they perfected their knowledge about the North American market while collaborating with well established Canadian companies.





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