Montreal Fashion Week as seen by Montreal new comer Wilber Tellez

Montréal Fashion Week was a great experience, especially as a new comer to this beautiful city. The crowed consisted of easygoing fashionistas who where very enthusiastic about being a part of the event. I didn’t have a problem meeting and making connections with people from the industry. It was so wonderful being at an event where people showed up 45 minutes before the shows to chat or just to lineup, Montréal seems to care about fashion and also want to push it to the next level. I believe that Montréal lives up to its reputation as an international fashion capital.

MFW brought lots to see to its viewers, from gallery presentation to theatrical demonstration to the traditional runway show followed by a standing ovation.  Designers have a lot to win by working with MFW, they truly go above and beyond to try and fulfill the designers need to ensure that its vision is carried through. More then once they performed full set changes in between shows to accommodate the presentations.  The staff was very proficient and professional, they made everything run seamlessly. The only disappointing part for me was that it didn’t run longer, 4 days just weren’t enough! All in all Bravo Montreal for making me a fan and wanting to come again!

There ware 3 shows that blew me away, DUY was the first and it stayed in my mind for the rest of the week. The collection was absolute sophistication, from the cuts, the colors, to the fabrics and constructions. Coming from a tailoring background, I can truly appreciate when a designer takes details into consideration.

 photo by Kim Akrigg

I had been looking forward to the Télio Show all week and it did not let me down. For those of you who are not familiar with Télio, it’s a nation wide competition for Fashion students. Each year, schools from across Canada are sent a theme and a selection of fabrics from the textile company Télio. 25 finalists are chosen to come to Montréal and compete for 5 scholarship prizes. This year the theme was Rouge + red. All 25 pieces brought something to the competition. It’s a wonderful way to highlight the new talents in Canada. I was able to speck to one of the winners backstage, Mitchell Stuart Gilroy, form the Centre for Arts and Technology.  He was telling me how he spent many months working on one garments, no wonder he received the prize for Technical Mention. The dress was made so it could be completely unzipped to fit the need of the wearer.

photo by Kim Akrigg

The last Show of the week took it all; it was a partnership between 3 different designers (Anastasia Lomonova, LYN par Jocelyn Picard, UNTTLD). The first showed long black gowns of silk crape and chiffon with accents of leather.  It was followed by a full knitted line of unconventional silhouettes and cuts. The last designer showed fur and chains in a ready to wear line. The entirety of the show as very well themed and extremely theatrical with a grand finally of ripping the back screen to revel a wall of light.

photo by Kim Akrigg

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