Dani Tsvetkov

A few minutes with Model Dani Tsvetkov

By: Lien Dilewijns



Danail (Dani) Tsvetkov


25 years old

Where are you from?

Born in Bulgaria, living in Athens/Greece.

Which shows did you model in for Milan Mens fashion week?

Armani and Harmont & Blaine

Who is your favorite designer?

Favorite…Armani of course! How could I say another one ?! haha

What are your 3 must haves in your closet?

1 – Bandana (I always wear it on my right wrist) I have every single colour bandana.
2 – Jordan (or Nike) shoes.
3 – All my jewelries.

How would you desicribe your style?

Well…It’s difficult to describe my style. Today you can see me wearing athletic clothes (baggy pants, Jordan shoes, a hat on my head), tomorrow I could wear Rock Style clothes (black Harley boots, black tight jeans, rings on my fingers and etc.), another day Suit & Tie… I like many different things.


Are you a trend setter, a trend follower, or neither?

Trend setter ! I wear whatever I want


What do think the trend for fall and winter will be?

I have No idea ! Maybe white clothes with snowflakes for the winter time lol

As a model do you feel pressure to dress a certain way?


What is your favorite to go to outfit?

Jeans, Jordan shoes or Converse by John Varvatos and T-Shirt.


Thanks Dani! If you wish to see more (or less) of Dani and his clothes check him out here:

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