Milan Fashion Week

This past week our friend Lien Dilewijns was lucky enough to attend a few shows at Milan Fashion Week while she is their on a modelling contract. She was able to put together a video for us and a one on one with Serbian Male Model Veseline.



1. Name
My name is Veselin.

2. Age
I am 31.

3.Where are you from?
I am from Serbia.

4.Which shows did you model in for Milan Mens fashion week?
I did two shows for BLUWOM MILAN and Dolce and Gabbana.

5. Who is your favorite designer?
My favorite designer is ARMANI; I did Armani many times in Asia and I am a big fan.

6.What are your 3 must haves in your closet?
I must have my watch to tell time, my cross chain from Serbia to remind me of my family and country, and a sick pair of shades

7.How would you desicribe your style?
I like to wear relaxed and fitted sportswear to keep it casual. But on the occasion, I always keep a suit in my closet.

8.Are you a trend setter, a trend follower, or neither?
Definitely a trend setter, fashion does not exist without taking a risk or two.

9.What do think the trend for fall and winter will be?
Intricate colors and patterns I predict. Hopefully something off the wall.

10.As a model do you feel pressure to dress a certain way?
Definitely no. I like to dress however I feel in the moment.

11.What is your favorite to go to outfit?
For sure, something comfortable like sweat pants and a t shirt.

12.Any other comments on the fashion industry?

Never give up. One persons opinion is only a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are a lot of other needles.



by Lien Dilewjins

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