Mens Style: Dressing up isn’t a bad thing


Guys, dressing up for a date or party this holiday season does not mean throwing on some khakis and a polo shirt. Standards need to be re-visited and updated to our modern style and fast paced lives. Wearing suits out on the town is a lost part of mens fashion and sorely missed. With the influence of shows like Jersey Shore and young celebrities wearing  jeans and T-shirts, thinking diamond necklaces makes it classy, men have become lazy. Our women still make an effort, they still put on a dress, heels and do their hair and make up. When did Ed Hardy or any similar brands become excepted and for that matter why?

It##Q##s easy to take shortcuts and dress “like every one else” and I##Q##m sure it feels like its not important to keep up with or dress in the most up to date fashion, but nothing says grown up and mature like a good suit. Here are a couple of looks that are classic easy to do and perfect for a date night or holiday party. Suits are as unique to your style as your hair cut.


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Classic Black is always in style for every season. 


Why black is good? Well as mentioned above its always in style. Every guy should own a black suit, this way you will always have a ##Q##go to outfit##Q## for a formal occasion without renting or god forbid, borrowing.



The Grey Suit is a classy, casual alternative.

Grey suits are a great are almost as universal as ##Q##The Black Suit##Q## and also give a more casual look for certain occasions. The Grey Suit is an office standard but can look great on date night, the theatre and meeting your girls/guys parents. I mean come on look at these guys … are they not handsome in these suits.

The ##Q##TUX##Q## will forever be the symbol of SEX.

The Tuxedo is an eye catching classic in the fashion world, much like the gown is to the opposite sex the Tux is the equalizer. In a Tux all men look good, feel good, and usually get the girl/guy. Now the Tux should not be worn lightly, its to be brought out for appropriate events so not to sully its good name. Charity events, the theatre, if your lucky enough … the oscars but never a wedding unless your in the wedding party, its there day not yours. These types of events ensure the Tux still holds that special place as top of Mens Fashion.

Overcoats, because a “Jacket just isn##Q##t good enough”

Like your Suit or Tux, Overcoats vary from color and fit to fabric and cut. Try to remember that Overcoats should be functional as well as stylish, and you should base your sizing on the clothing you will be wearing underneath and not on your usual clothing size.




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