Men’s Shirts Short Skirts

My dad’s XL sized, plain black T-shirt with Rag and Bone tight fit jeans. An easy silhouette, but not one most ladies think of. Have you ever thought of pairing such an oversized upper half with a dainty and delicate bottom? No, baggy sweaters and leggings do not count! Let your shirt cover your butt. Let it hit your knees. It creates length, and if you’re short like I am, you need all the help you can get. Let’s talk about ratios: 3:1 is pretty cool. By this, I mean the top half consumes about 90 percent of your full outfit’s length, while the remaining 10 percent peeks out the bottom. It’s a little different, but so elegant.

Use different fabrics: changing textures plays with the eye. A long wool, knit sweater hanging over leather pants? Fantastic!

Use different colours: it’ll obviously grab attention. A knee length black chiffon dress layered on top of a pleated white maxi skirt is oh-so-classy, and not to mention, a tad bit Chanel? Trust me on this one.

Vary the lengths: 3:1 doesn’t only mean “floor length”. If you have a killer pair of legs you want to show off, grab an oversized T-shirt and pair it with a dainty school-girl length skirt.

Express yourself: this is important. Add that killer statement necklace, break out the cheetah print tights, grab those thrifted chunky shoes. Do whatever makes YOU feel confident. But, maybe, don’t bring out all of those at once.

I enjoy shopping in the men’s section – they’re stuff is a whole lot comfier, and I love the fit. Why is it that a women’s “baggy” top just isn’t, well, baggy? Structure. Fit. Fancy words for “we have boobs”. Grabbing a men’s Fruit of the Loom crewneck can be even more flattering than a women’s.

This silhouette is different, it’s time for it to be explored! It’s height creating, hip flattering, and eye-grabbing. Try a poncho with a mini skirt, or your boyfriend’s work shirt with some jean shorts. That weird-length dress sitting in your closet you swore you’d wear? Throw it over a maxi skirt, leather leggings, or even another dress. Work with what you got, flaunt it, and embrace it.

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Written By: Rachel Renke