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The Story

Maryjane Apparel is a unisex, luxury inspired streetwear brand based in Vancouver B.C. 
Founded in 2014 by Barborka Jindrakova, Maryjane strives to create timeless pieces that are easily customizable to ones own personal style. Sticking to simple designs and a monochromatic theme, pieces are easily accessorized and styled. 
Maryjane is committed to bringing together artists and individuals who share common interests in hopes of creating a community that inspires and promotes freedom of expression. That being said, Maryjane continues to be a participant and sponsor in local events promoting emerging artists in the music, fashion, lifestyle scene. 
One of the brands most recent, proud accomplishments is being picked up by the very reputable and established Vancouver boutique – El Kartel. 
Although, still a very young brand with big intentions, going forward you can expect new designs including cut and sew pieces, embroidered details and innovative graphics. 

The Pictures

Shot by Lynol Lui   Models: Angela Marks  and Joelle Markss – Family Management Make Up by : Chanel Routhier












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